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  1. Hi, Last year, I started to grow from seed a drosophyllum, known to be more vigorous And it is definitely more VIGOROUS !!! The seeds I planted in February 2011 have given plants much bigger than the 4 years old drosophyllum I had before... (twice older...) And I was wondering : could it be a plant from a different location ? Unfortunately, I have no idea about its location... Do any of you grow drosophyllum from different location (Portugal, Spain, Morroco ?) The "normal" drosophyllum : 5 plants together, 4 years old The "big" drosophyllum (only 2 plants, but 14 flowers stems), fr
  2. Hi ! I'm swiss.... I lived in Wales during the last 2 years... then 6 months in Switzerland... And now I live in Peru until the end of June ! Count me in for "Switzerland", 'cause I'm supposed to stay there to study after Peru ! David Streit www.geocities.com/djcarnivores