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  1. Breathtaking pics!!! Well done JP!!
  2. Pssst, it was me..... Great to see them flowering. It was my first cross with D.macrophylla ssp macrophylla x D.macrophylla ssp. monantha because I had no flowering plants of the same ssp. But luckily, last month my D.macrophylla ssp. monantha were flowering together for the first time!! Also curious for the D.rupicola colours, this season I managed to pollinate plants of the same colour. I'll send you new seeds asap!! Well done mate!! Cheers! Iggy
  3. A few more to show....hope you like them !! Stirling Range National Park : Utricularia menziesii ( the last flowers of the season ) Drosera sargentii : Utricularia volubilis : Drosera pycnoblasta : D.callistos ( Brookton form ) : Drosera gigantea ssp. gigantea paradise !! Drosera gigantea....glistening in the morning sun : More pics on http://www.pbase.com/ignace/australia Cheers, Iggy
  4. Nice work Dieter, looks great and very helpful website !! Looking forward to for more nice pics of your tubrous sundews and led experiment. SilentGuy : http://www.pygmy-drosera.net/ Cheers, Iggy
  5. Hi Greg, Thank you and yes we found something sticky with large flowers....no idea what it is :-) What do you think Cheers, Iggy
  6. Thank you for your comments !! Indeed...tons of fun !! A few more pics.... Walpole and Albany region : D.purpurascens : U.multifida : Typical rock Outcrop habitats : Porongurup NP and Stirling range NP : Porongurup National Park : D.platystigma : D.gibsonii : Strirling Range National Park : Cheers, Iggy
  7. All you need is...a 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser, a tent, a camera, 2 good friends and you get 4 weeks of fun, sun,dozens cp's , beautiful nature and animals !! Western Australia : I love it !!! Special thanks to Adam Cross, Allen Lowrie, Robert Gibson, Christian Dietz , Martin Hingst and my two buddies Günter Bruyneel and Iwein Coppens. Thanks for all your help!! Allmost 4500 km, from Perth to Albany along the Margaret River area. From Albany to Esperance back to Perth along Hyden and Brookton. Last week up north to Port Denison and came back to Perth passing many National Parks. I will post many pics here on the forum , but you can find pics of the first days on www.pbase.com/ignace Still 20 days to do.... Resizing, naming etc... a lot of work when you have a few thousand pics!! Hope you like them !! Cheers, Iggy
  8. Fantastic plants Dieter !! Also very curious what the results will be with the LED lights. What is the temperature during the day in the basement room?
  9. http://www.sciencewa.net.au/topics/environment-a-conservation/item/1839-scientists-discover-carnivorous-plant-using-sticky-catapulting-tentacles.html
  10. Spectacular trip John! And lovely plants on your way to the summit!!
  11. Hi Dani.Very nice and healthy South-American family!! I like the contrast between the beautiful burgundy red leaves and a very large white flower. Could be a pygmy when he was living in W.A. :-) btw: I've missed your visit in Bonn last summer!! You were only there on Thursday? Hopefully next time !!
  12. Almost 'kiwi-summer' ? Always a pleasure if we can see nice pitchers during our cold and wet days on the other side of the world !! ;-) Earl,lovely pitchers and gigantic S.moorei !!
  13. Hi Christian, Another nice set of pictures. Also nice flowers and spiders! Drosera sp. Nieuwoudtville are lovely , deep red colour and the flowers look like D.alba to me. Curious what it will be!! Cheers, Iggy
  14. Hi François, Another sad report of N.bokorensis on the Bokor massif. Again a good exemple that money is the worst invention on earth. We've seen many destructions of cp habitats around the world. And this habitat is is the next habitat in the row. Just distateful !!! Not only for N.bokorensis ,but for all plants,animals and insects in this area. Hopefully your conservation project will be accepted. But I'm afraid that you can't do much to stop these painful activities. But every nature enthusiast will cross his fingers. Thank you and Alastair for beautiful photos of location B and C. But unfortunately we can't forget your photos of the 'Bokor City' project. All the best! Iggy
  15. Iggy


    Hi Simon, I have fresh pollen of N.spathulata. I have two flowerstalks for the moment. The buds of my second stalk will open next week. I send you a PM. Regards, Iggy
  16. Congratulations to François, Alastair and the rest of the team. Fantastic rediscovery and thank you for the photos and videos. I hope your Cambodian part will be a success. Your work is so important to protect these plants!!! Well done. I have 3 flowering plants of your N.bokorensis for the moment. And finally my first female plant, so you may expect more pure seeds of this beautiful and endangered species. I'll show you some photos in a new topic. All the best, Iggy
  17. Lovely hybrid Dani. Well done !! I hope you can pollinate the flowers and get some seeds. Iggy
  18. Hi James, Thanks for sharing these photos. Peatlands is a very nice area. I'm glad you survived the mighty river for showing us your pics and story. A bit the same view as the European mainland bogs ( only The Flemish bogs are much smaller and we don't have S.purpurea and D.anglica. ) Also the berch forests are a big problem here in many bogs. Here in Antwerp they remove most of the trees every 3-4 years. They turf also many parts to make place for the 'poor-soil' plants . I've seen a large colony of S.purpurea in France ,but never a 'veinless' variant like in your pictures. You recognize the hiberniculae very well, I'm looking forward to see them in full summergrowth. Cheers, Iggy
  19. Woooow Dieter!! Just brilliant !! I agree with your wife , you must be crazy if you don't like these flowers. Beautiful almost red wine coloured flowers. Never seen in cultivation except Mr. Aussie. My D.microphylla forms are still confused and not the best growing plants for the moment. Looks like they are pollinated? Colony bees in the wintergarden ? Also very nice photos with caught prey, fantastic quality. ( Iggy, it's time for a new camera.... ) Thanks for sharing!! Iggy
  20. Hi Devon, Good experiment. But I think that you mean D.filiformis " Florida Giant" 'All red' and 'Florida Giant' are different plants. 'All red' seedlings are always red ,even the first leaves. Here is a photo of D.filiformis "Florida Giant" ( right ) and the big pot is tracyi Anyway ,nice seedlings , good job!! Iggy
  21. Hi rainman Thanks for sharing these lovely shots. Many spectaculair views and landscapes. But ofcours are the sundews my favorite part Rocky villosa and tons of montana's !! Can't wait for your next trip. Iggy
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