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  1. Truly incredible - I am also speechless & in need of a new dribble-free keyboard - Amazing!Thanks for sharing!
  2. I haven't seen any personally (aaargh), but Tobias has ...
  3. First - a little story .... back in June of 2011, I gave away many of my little weedy utrics. About a month ago, I was cleaning around my office tank & found a sealed container which originally housed an experiment (I set up 11 small cups with some special aquatic plant media). Some utrics grew in it, some didn't. Somehow the container got pushed behind my tank & out of view. When I found it, I brought it out to toss in the trash -- but before I did, I glanced inside and I thought I saw small specks of green. Sure enough, one pot had something still clinging to life. I located my original 'key' to what species was in each pot. There were many weedy species in the experiment (U. reniformis, U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay', U. graminifolia, U. uniflora, U. nephrophylla, U. pubescens, U. blanchetii, U. warburgii & U. geminiloba) - ok not all were 'weedy'. When I read the key, I did a double-take. I looked at the green specks & still wasn't sure. So, I opened up the container, took the green specks and planted them in a small pot of mixed, peat-based media. Here's the pot today - top view: ... and even more amazing, look what's coming up in the side view: .... several flower stalks. Yup - out of all those species, who would have figured that U. pubescens, the cutie with the little peltate leaves, would be the one standing 18 months later? I know it's just me, but I really enjoy seeing the variety of weedy mosses among all those miniature umbrellas popping up everywhere - like a pretend, mini-jungle ... (yes I know - I won't appreciate all those mosses in a month but by then I'll probably take some divisions and spread them around - I'm thinking I may add a chunk to a Heli pot ...)
  4. Wow - that plant is becoming a weed for you. I'm shocked about the micro-fan -- but a very interesting addition to your setup (although you may have an issue if it decides to flower for you .....) 8^0 Congratulations on some successful innovation!
  5. I'm not familiar with N. aristolochioides seedlings but this does bring up an issue I suspect that we will see more of in the near future. It seems that many Nep growers are buying seeds from wild-grown sources (via eBay typically). Since these are nature-sourced seed, they can be hybrids or the seller can easily substitute less expensive seed for those being advertised.
  6. I was good until he had to transition to the skinny pole (when he said "just 60 feet to go"). There weren't even good hand-holds around that transition - yikes!
  7. Thanks for this information. I find it very interesting how tall your flower stalks are for this hybrid. While cleaning out one of my tanks with a U. nephrophylla x nelumbifolia hybrid (typically place the 'mother' 1st to avoid confusion), I measured the stalk on one of my plants - it was 43" (109.2cm) long! This stalk formed & flowered while growing from a 2.5" (6cm) pot.
  8. Completely agree - wow! Yes - thanks for sharing a peek into your amazing collection!
  9. Carlos, Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing them. The U. nelumbifolia x nephrophylla hybrid - the nelumbifolia is the seed parent (& nephro is pollen parent)? I've seen some of this cross in the photofinder but each time I try it, I don't get any seeds.
  10. Today's flower 'in situ' - just love the bulging eyes ...
  11. Here are some pics from the 2nd stalk --- with colors that (to my eye) more closely match reality: Earlier pic of pot & foliage:
  12. Wow! That's some amazing eye-candy. Really hard to fathom all of them in one swoop. While there are many impressive plants, the N. ovata really grabs me (as well as the cute glabrata). That's really some collection.
  13. Incorrect. You are required to have an Aphis import permit. As Mobile noted, Stephen will be required to have a phytosanitary certificate (which is likely not inexpensive). You will be required to send him address stickers & copies of your permit (to be included in package w/ phyto). He sends the package to an Aphis inspection facility before being forwarded on to you. I don't know if he is req'd to have any licenses on his end for export (I believe the USA requires them if situation was reversed).Beyond the basic requirements of reimbursement of Stephen's expenses (& you having correct permit, etc), there is the possibility that Stephen is not interested in jumping through these hoops for you (or anyone else) .... I am far from an expert on any of these procedures ... I recommend you do some add'l research on the topic.
  14. I've been growing one of the medium-size** U. reniformis clones, U. reniformis "f. courte", since October of 2009. Last fall, I repotted a section and placed it on my east-facing windosill. Spring came & went and I figured I would have to wait another year for a chance to see a flower. However, I got my wish somewhat sooner than I expected. The flower shape & color is significantly different than pics of other U. reniformis flowers I've seen. The color I see with my eye is a bit darker than that in the pics but still lighter than others . *** ** leaf size reaches a maximum of ~4cm (1.25"). I also have another similarly-sized clone that I received labeled as "small form". The "small form" is sitting next to "f. courte" but no flower stalk ... ++++++++++++ *** this issue with the color was bugging me so I stepped over to the windowsill & snapped a quick shot of the developing flower. It appears that the colors are a bit more accurate in this one.
  15. I can't say I've paid much attention to the D. adelae & prolifera flowers but my D. schizandra definitely had pollen:
  16. While I cannot comment about Eurozone wages, I have received many parcels from BCP and am always amazed at how well the plants are packaged - truly amazing how much care & effort are taken!
  17. Before his dealings with Drew, Dom had some amazing coincidences with Trent & Tony -- as documented in this thread. He has also recently posted on the ICPS forum, looking for others for an EP order. Whether he is guilty as many believe is up for others to decide, however, I have no plans to join any orders or do any trades with the man.
  18. The first flower from U. nephrophylla x U. nelumbifolia popped a few days ago but didn't open fully. Thankfully, the 2nd flower was not far behind & opened last night so this morning I snapped a few shots. Quasi 3/4 view Front Side (closeup of the side-view - showing remnants of the colorful stripes on the spur from nelumbifolia dad) As I posted before, the 2 plants are both in small 2.5" pots. The flower stalk on this 1st plant is ~25" (63cm) long - really amazing! The 2nd plant is also now sending up a stalk. The vigor of these two is shocking. Here are the two plants a while back:
  19. Can't comment on the mildew - good luck with that. On the media, I did Orchidioides comparison planting w/ 100% live LFS & various peat mixes. 100% live LFS won every time & not by a little (except for reniformis & nephrophylla - but they're Iperua...). It might have been the peat I was using but I know my plants grow like weeds in 100% live LFS (net pots & top-watered - campby & james are exceptions due to size). This U. asplundii seemed to enjoy the conditions ....
  20. The Cephs I'd like to flower are kept in a back basement room under lights (temps 40's & 50's*F) all winter and brought outside in the spring.I've also had them flower elsewhere (windowsills, tanks, etc) but that's uncommon.
  21. DroseraSeb,Really looking forward to part III! Although I admit, the finding of D. colombiana was quite amazing - definitely not a plant we see frequently! How the heck did you find out below all of that grass??
  22. Anything is obviously just a guess but once a rennie starts to get established it has those extra thick stolons to fall back on. I would think you should see some resprouting after a bit. Although, every large-form U.renifomis that I've grown has been more particular (& weird) with it's growth than the medium-sized forms...