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  1. Nice plants, i love this vft, does the traps all green? Kind regards, Gayl
  2. Hi, The bad weather could'nt be in cause (except if there is snow in the middle august ) Does your peat smells bad as a non fresh egg? When the peat decomposing (and smells.) the roots died after a variant time, so the grow looks disturbed before, and the plant died after. Catch a leave and pull slowly on it, if the plant came easily, there is a problem on the roots...Smell peat, look for any pests, i think it's the only thing to do. If the peat decomposing fast, you can dicrease the PH of your water to 4,5- 5,5 that is better for the plants and the peat stay good for a long time...(and the sphagnum become beautifful :) ) (Here the rainwater is about 6 to 7 of PH) Bye :)
  3. Hi, 'Český granát' - 'Bohemian Garnet' - "Red Sawtooth" Was selected by Miroslav Srba in 2007, it looks like a prostrated all red sawtooth. ( registered Cultivar.) http://sarracenia.cz/informace/dionaea/boh...rnet/index.html The 'Petite dragon' Was discovered in 1999 In California by Bob Ziemer, and looks like a small 'Akaï ryu' http://www.humboldt.edu/~rrz7001/zphotos/V...titeDragon.html Bye :)
  4. All the traps are green, sometimes a light pinky colour as we can see on "all green"" cultivar(s). I grow all the plants from this sedling in full sun ;) The other plants have a light red colouration. Kind regards, Gayl :)
  5. In my sedlings, a cross between Sharks teeth and Green sawtooth. Maybe a "Green dentate"? Bye
  6. Hi Max, Nice shots, i love the giant peach ! (Have U got any spare?) Thanx for sharing ^^
  7. Hi Max ;) Thanks, thanks, thanks (as always ) I Have an other weird forming on a division of this plant(in the same pot) and after those weirds traps come funnel trap (on each) Be sure i will post other pics ;) I wonder if the fondue flowers make fondue petals (still dreaming!) I have green sawtooth that forming a flower stem at same time , i will cross those two (indoor?) . Kind regards , Gayl
  8. I dont have any greenhouse ;) all plants are growing in full sun (between ~10 AM to ~7 PM in full summer) ..And 2 on my funnel traps! That suck's ! But i'm sure that there is a reason , Guillaume talk about the water level, but that is not sure. I've noticed on my funnel traps that i grow under artificial light, that the onces that grow under grow light (almost blue ) make more traps with funnel than the plants that growing under bloom lights (almost red ) ,(water levels , t° , peat , ... are identical) but there is a big difference of power(W) Between the two systems that i use so that is not really concluent. Let's the time make it's job ;) Thanks, Gayl
  9. Hi Trev, Nice to read those compliments :) Here, the 'Trev red dentate' produce larger traps than the 'Red pirhana', the comparative plant of red pirhana is adult for a few years. But the 'T R Dentate' is not already adult and continue it's evolution. For a better comparison, i will repot one of each in the same recipient on next spring. Well, here is not the first time that the 'Funnel traps' produce this kind of traps, and it come from you. I dont grow cerbere, does it always produce those traps?
  10. 'G14' 'Louchapates' 'Red pirhana' 'Trev's red dentate' & 'Red pirhana' 'Funnel trap' 'Coquillage' 'Fondue' Thanks, Gayl :)
  11. Hope you'll enjoy it :) Too much is ... too much! ( captured naturaly) Sedlings [shark's teeth]X[Green sawtooth] (Semé en 2008) (Sedlings 2006~2007) "Cross teeth" 'Shark's teeth' that comes from false viviparity see post : Here (Bottom of the page) 'Green sawtooth'
  12. Hi All , On a petal of this Dionaea we can see some pink nervures. It is known no flower of vft which is really coloured, but those nervures (that are usually greenish or translucent) are able to have some pigment. Does anybody noticed similar on its culture? Thanks, Gayl.
  13. Hi Trev ;) The 'Funnel trap' "reverting" is the reason why you remove the plant from the VftShop? Kind regards, Gayl :)
  14. Wow, awesome ! Usual on vfts, but i'd never seen this on a sarra, this stunning :) G.
  15. Hi Trev :) same thing for me since 2008, only about 3or 4 traps with funnel on adult plants. But young divisions seems to produce more caracteristic traps and plants that i grow under artificial light too. Kind regards Gayl ;)