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  1. Try 'CTRL' + 'Right Mouse Click' on the quote to get the option to remove it. A simple button to clear button on the reply box to completely clear the box would make the whole thing much more intuitive IMHO.
  2. Thanks ada, that is a great help. I used Clover branded Irish Moss Peat as it was available locally and I did not find any bad things said about using it for carnivorous plants on the web. I shall try flushing the affected pots and emptying the water from the trays. Cheers, Chris
  3. Yes they were all repotted over the winter, which was quite a major job. This is actually something of a recovery year after many years of neglect, basically they were ignored except for keeping them watered for 6 or 7 years. The pots were all extremely overcrowded with many of the pots splitting open. For each plant I selected the best growing point any potted it into a new pot with new media.
  4. I saw some Aphids on a couple of VFTs, but I have not seen any on my Sarracenia. I have checked the sickly ones with a magnifying glass but have not spotted any obvious pests.
  5. Some of my Sarracenia are looking very sickly and I was hoping somebody on here can suggest the cause and even better the cure. A few weeks back I found that I had an aphid attack on my VFTs and so I treated all of the plants in the greenhouse to a good spray with Provado. This sorted out the VFTs nicely, but I now have this issue with a number of my Sarrecenia which doe not seem to be improving with time. Here are some pics of some affected Flavas: This last pot has 2 growing points in it. The growing point at the back of the photo is fine, the one at the front is affected. Cheers, Chris
  6. cgarry

    A few VFT pics

    Now that my VFTs are looking a bit more healthy I thought I would take some pictures, mainly to link to my growlist. But I thought I would put some of them in a post of their own. CgDM01 'Atlanta Botanical Gardens' CgDM02 ‘Akai Ryu’ CgDM03 G16/Adrian Slack's Giant [/url CgDM04 cv. ‘Sawtooth’ CgDM05 ‘Shark's Teeth’ CgDM06 ‘South West Giant’ CgDM07 'Spider' CgDM08 'Yellow' CgDM10 'Red Piranha' CgDM11 'B52' Cheers, Chris
  7. Where are you getting your rainwater from so that it needs filtering?
  8. I have been watching the 2010 ICPS conference lectures on YouTube. If the 2016 conference lectures are anywhere near that quality then £65 seems like a bargain to me. Cheers, Chris
  9. That is a coincidence. This morning I noticed that my first Sarracenia flower had opened. Also a S. flava var.flava... P1110102 by Chris Garry, on Flickr Cheers, Chris
  10. From the BBC news website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/...000/8151644.stm I particularly like this part: This would go some way to explaining the stories of Drosera regia and VFT crosses being produced. Cheers,
  11. They are all stunning plants, though my favourite is the Sarracenia 'Orange fire'. Cheers,
  12. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing. Though I think your S. flava var. maxima is incorrect, the pitchers should be all green with red only at the base. Cheers, Chris
  13. You mean this post? http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?s...ost&p=88140 I have improved the technique since that post. I now make the hole bigger and simply fill the bottle through the hole, leaving the top on always. Cheers,
  14. Check out this thread for details of propagating Drosera by leaf cutting: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?s...=14707&st=0
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