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  1. Are these the ones on Trilight I should be looking at? Warm White & Daylight If so, what would be the best Daylight bulb to get - 835, 840, 865 or 827? Thanks again for any help
  2. Thanks mobile. I has actually looked at that site from one of your other posts. I forgot to say I also grow B. reducta and a couple of Heliamphora but these are actually growing ok at the moment. So........ I've come to three options. 2 x Gro-lux or warm white (I couldn't find a 600mm that fits my fittings on Trilight) + daylight or 1 Gro-lux and either a warm white or daylight. Thanks
  3. Sorry if this has been covered before but I have searched the forum and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for (although I have picked up plenty of useful information. I have turned an old aquaium into a terratium. Size - 32" x 19" x 14" The hood has room for 2 tubes at 24". The width of the tube is 1". At the moment there is 2 repti-glo tubes but the plants aren't thriving at all. The plants I'm growing are a few highland nepenthes, a few utricularia, d, regia. The terraium is landscapes so the distance from the light to the plants differs, ranging from 6" to 10". I've read about Gro-lux and daylight or cool white fluorescent tubes. Would 2 x the Gro-lux bulbs be ok or would it be overkill or underkill? Also, the daylight and cool white fluorescent bulbs, can anyone advise in where to get them that would fit my set-up? Lastly, what would be the best? Thanks for any help
  4. Hostage

    Sarracenia ID please

    yes, I know, that's why I'm asking for names to be certain. If I can't be certain I'll sell them as unknown hybrid or unknown flava. But after looking at the those photos, I'm sure it's "Maxima" all the pitchers there have the same characteristics as mine. So thanks for that. And don't tell me about Marston, or PJ as it is now! Received a D. Binata 't' form that had multuple branches. And I'm not sure about my S. rubra Gulfensis. I'll post photo's up when the pitchers have opened. Thanks for your help! And if anyone has anything else to add, please do. Derek
  5. Hostage

    Sarracenia ID please

    The third hasn't flowered yet. It's strangely just appeared this year after dividing? I'm pretty sure I ordered maxima, whether it be var Maxima or "Maxima" And both of you are pretty sure it's alata x flava I just want to know as I have loads of divisions of these and want to swap or sell them next year, but don't want to send out rogue names cheers derek
  6. Hostage

    Sarracenia ID please

    Hi all The first picture is of a plant I bought from Marston Exotics in 1989 as I think S. flava 'Maxima'. I thought 'Maxima' was all green until I recently saw a s. flava 'Maxima' lightly veined form. The highest pitcher this year and most years is around 50-55cm. Is this S. flava 'Maxima' lightly veined form? Or is it S. flava lightly veined form? Or neither? here is another Sarracenia I bought at the same time (labels went missing and thought I could remember what they were). I'm thinking it's either an alata or maybe S. rubra Jonesii? here is another flava, again not knowing the name. I love this one as the lid looks like a stetson. The colouration inside the tube and around the lip is stunning too. if anyone could help with some names, that would be fantastic Derek
  7. Hostage

    Drosera ID please?

    what are te colour of the flowers and I'll wait until they flower? while I'm here, does the flower colour differ from rotoundifolia?
  8. Hostage

    Potting Mix Of Mexican Pings

    thanks! so maybe swap multipurpose with the peat and mix perlite, vermiculite and sand in equal proportions?
  9. Hostage

    Drosera ID please?

    This is probably an easy one for Drosera experts. I received this growing with a Sarracenia last year. I had it on the windowsill as I wanted some Sarracenia growing in the house. It didn't go dormant. It's now in the greenhouse and was wondering if this is D. Spatulata? photo seems to have come up very closely!!!! cheers derek
  10. Hostage

    Potting Mix Of Mexican Pings

    Yeah I was thinking for 1 sphagnum peat : 1 sand : 1 vermiculite : 1 perlite do you think that would do? I've searched and searched for pouzzolane, but found nothing. I work in a garden centre and we do sell lava rock which is supposed to be used to help drainage in a clay soil.
  11. Hostage

    Potting Mix Of Mexican Pings

    Hi all I'm buying a few mexican pings and have noticed on that they advise you to use use 1 pouzzolane (volcanic lava). Can anyone tell me where I can get this, as my pings are due any day now. Or if you can't, can you advise an alternative mix? Btw is lava rock the same as volcanic lava, or am I way off? Cheers Derek
  12. Hostage

    Salamanders and CPs?

    Think I'm going to go for a fire salamander. Does it make a difference?
  13. Hi all, I'm finally going to splash out on a Salamander and was wondering what cp's I could grow alongside it in the terrarium. The temp will not get above 25 and might get quite low at night during the winter (5-10). Humidity will also be high. I was thinking about a few easy nepenthes (i've never grown nepenthes before) like Ventricosa. Heliamphora (again never grown before), Dionaea and Darlingtonia. Does anyone know if Drosera or Ping secretion will poison the salamander? Has anyone else got any suggestions about other plants and how to go about setting this up?
  14. Hostage


    Hey guys / gals I've just bought a Ping from a garden center which has around 6 plants in it. I want to repot them and was wondering what compost to use? I've tried searching the site but can't seem to find anything. thanks in advance
  15. Hostage

    Aphids & Nepenthes

    i sused the aerosol. I did spray it from a distance - probably around a couple of feet. but sounds like i've sprayed too much cheers