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  1. my clone is a bit slow grower. It grows slower than ionasii and folliculata but a different clone may grow faster than mine.
  2. thanks, I keep all the plants in terrariums. I use mainly the japanese ADA NA-LAMP fluorescent tubes and Osram Fluora77. Plants are 5-10 cm far from the lights. The H. folliculata is 2 years old, I get the ionasii and sarracenioides last october at the EEE Bonn and the italian CP meeting.
  3. H. folliculata H. ionasii H. saracenioides D. stenopetala stunning color of P. laueana
  4. Altair

    Utricularia ID

    thanks, here are more pics. It's different from welwitschii, it's probably the small invasive form of U. bisquamata.
  5. this plant was growing together with some pigmy sundews, bought from pazuzu.
  6. Hi, after several months of dormancy, my stenopetala is flowering. I know this is not an easy plant and that some sundews get stressed by the flowers so my question is: sould I let them flower or may I cut the stalk?
  7. Yesss! 1 flower out of 4 produced seeds. Hope to do things better next year!
  8. Thank you Langy. Do you use special treatment for tuberous drosera seeds? Like hot stratification or smoke?
  9. Hi all! I'd love to order some tuberous from A. Lowrie but I don't know the acclimatization procedures. Anyone could share some infos or experiences? Thanks
  10. lol, I think species taste different. I like a lot albomarginata nectar, but ventrata's is awful
  11. Altair

    Drosera ID

    Hi, a friend has this nice drosera but it's unlabeled. I think it's a venusta/coccicaulis/natalensis, what do you think? Thanks
  12. That's very interesting Tim. I keep my helis in an highland terrarium, with a temperature drop of 10-20°C (10 in summer and 20 in winter). I tought they can't survive under 0°C but I think I'll try to keep one of my nutans in my cold greenhouse this year.
  13. don't worry, you can keep them sprayed until they produce gemmae, so you'll be able to sow them in the right substrate.
  14. I've never sprayed them. Only sand on the surface is a big mistake. Peat absorb water, not sand. Your gemmae simply dried out, like mine. I don't know why in Italy there is the brilliant tradition to put pure peat at the bottom of the pot (peat which rot in a few months) and pure sand at the top (which never hydrate completely)
  15. Pure sand killed a lot of my gemmae and plants too years ago. 50:50 peat/sand or peat/perlite is the best soil for pigmy sundew
  16. I have 5 different tubers and I hope they're from seed. I self-pollinated the first flower this afternoon. If the plants must be genetically different, I'll collect some pollen and I'll use it later for the other plants.
  17. I got some small tubers of this plant in summer 2005 and now they are flowering for the first time. The only tuberous I grow is peltata so my question is: are tubaestylis self-pollinating? And are D. tubaestylis seeds as easy to germinate as D. peltata or do they need some tricks? Thanks!
  18. I keep mine for 2 years indoor. It was doing great but it has suddenly died because I *added* a 15W neon for my pinguiculas 40 cm far from the cephalotus -.-+
  19. here are some fresh pics of my plants: N. albomarginata red H. folliculata Even snails get caught by this heli P. Hemiepiphytica D. tubaestylis Is D. tubaestylis self-pollinating? this is the first year my plants flower, I don't know how to pollinate them. Is it the same of D. peltata?
  20. new vid uploaded. Maybe the last video of this year!
  21. after months of suffering, my tatei dies. Pests killed also all my huge 5 years old P. vallisneriifolia (you can see it in the second picture. :'( The nepenthes lavicola stops producing pitchers but now it seem to be recovering quite well (near the prolifera in the second picture)
  22. lol yep, but it retract its head and escaped with no damage. The scene is cool anyway ;) lol, if I remember well that wasp was so funny that I free it as a prize