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  1. Just to show you again the Pinguicula setup right now, after a few months
  2. thanks all for the nice comments :)
  3. oh and I almost forgot my pinguicula setup!
  4. First H. sarracenioides decent pitcher: U. asplundii flowering: U. menziesii flowered in April: S. x Excellens X minor Cephalotus follicularis "black and green"
  5. I also have a couple of H62 from Frangelo. They are from the same seeds of this cross so they are all sisters of his "pulse". I have 4 different H62 clones but this year only 2 flowered. This is H62A: The jellow stripes on the petals are not dirt, it's the color of the flower. And this is my H62D. Autumn pitchers have wavy lid like leucophylla: Notice the red spots under the almost white petals, the red spots in the anthers (never seen this before ) and the pinkish sepals.
  6. LOL it's cottonwood fluff! My poor tuberous sundews, they're full of that stuff
  7. It's the same with my giant lid hybrid, in the first pictures it wasn't completely grown:
  8. Here are some Sarracenia Flowers: S. psittacina X (leucophylla X rubra) S. X Gilpinii Seed grown S. leucophylla seed grown sister with reddish veins: Mike King L20B Another leucophylla, maybe rubra introgressed: S. purpurea venosa with a nice dark flower: S. alata, very tall pitcher and amazing big flowers S. alata from BCP Seed grown S. alata:
  9. if cephs dies 'cause of the Sudden Death (phytium), the plant will never come back but if the desease is caused by something else, cephs may be very strong. in this case the plant arrived with almost no roots, and too much sunlight killed all the leaves and traps. After a few weeks, the plant is now producing a new growing point
  10. I think the flower is too dark for a moorei, even if it's influenced only by leucophylla. This is leucophylla MK L20B flower, it's not that red: So, I think it's more readii than moorei
  11. alata or oreophyla. I don't know the origin of the red spots in the flower. My purpurea spp haven't them, but those spots are on 1 oreophila from triffid and an alata seed grown. Oreophila: Alata:
  12. It could have purpurea in it but I think there is also alata here. The flowers don't smell flava
  13. This is what I call S. x 'Glider' It's grown from seed and it has a HUGE lid. Any guess on its parentage? Has anyone obtained an hybrid like this? This Spring Last Autumn The flower
  14. OMG, that's AMAZING. It's difficult to find infos about D. stenopetala habitat. Now I'm pretty sure I'm growing it in the right conditions. PS: I have only the BCP green clone, if anyone has seeds of a red form, plz contact me.
  15. Altair

    Sarracenia ID please

    I agree, there may be oreophyla, flava var flava and flava var ornata
  16. thanks The pitchers are a bit furry like the pubescent forms (you can see a bit on the first pitcure)
  17. Hi, I have an interesting seed grown hybrid to show. Anyone has an idea on the parentage? I ought it was rubra X alata but the flower is not pink, it has flava in it:
  18. I'm also looking for some informations on D. subhirtella, D. heterophylla and D. lowrei cultivation!
  19. Thanks all for the nice comments, the P. gigantea is "only" 15 cm large. It's a 1 year old cutting from another plant I keep in the large terrarium wich is a lot bigger.
  20. Yes, I have some fossil ammonites and fossil leaves.