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  1. I found this interesting video on youtube, anyone know the name of the plants which seeds capsules explode if put in contact with water?
  2. thanks! It's surely a xyris.
  3. I got some genlisea seeds from Brasil 3 years ago and the only plant that grew from the pot was this unknown species. I don't know if it's from the brasilian seeds or from the baltic peat so I don't know if it's tropical or temperate. I've grown it in an higland terrarium and the plant looks happy. Anyone has an idea of its ID?
  4. thanks again for your reply! I'm 100% sure. All the tubers has been classified with an alphanumeric code as you can see in the pic on my first post: Tuberous drosera identification - part 1 The B pot is this one, all the plants are easy to identify, the misterious one is B4 and it's yellow tubered:
  5. LAST PLANTS TO ID! Here are some more plants to ID: 1: 2: 3: thanks again in advance for your help!
  6. thank you very much! the number 3 is always the same plant at different stages of development.
  7. I decided to open another thread because too many pics on a single topic may became difficult to open for some browsers or internet connections. Here again a few pics of unidentified tuberous drosera, those are easy: The first one is easy: I think it is D. erythrorhiza ssp erythrorhiza: The second one is D. peltata but which subspecies? I have no idea on what the 3rd and 4th plants are: 3: the 4th plant is not developing more than this so any guess would really help me a lot! Thanks in advance for any suggestion!
  8. thanks for the reply! We will see next year when they will flower but I think your id is correct.
  9. If anyone has a spare burkii with light pink / whitish flowers, possibly flowering size, I need it for my collection. I hope to get the real deal this time!
  10. New one: Tubers looks exactly like D. peltata but the plant is more like zigzagia. I have no idea of what it is! Any suggestions?
  11. I bought a few years ago this Sarracenia purpurea var burkii. This year the plant flowered for the first time and I was very disappointed because of the flower's dark color. Is this really a Burkii or just a very expensive S. purpurea venosa typical form? Thanks!
  12. this plant is not completely opened yet but I think it's easy anyway. I say D. erythrorhyza ssp erythrorhyza. I don't think it's collina because the tuber looks more like the typical form. I will wait the full growth for confirmation. Am I right? G plant
  13. This may help novices. I recently made a video tutorial on how I get and store pollen from byblis in a non invasive way. The pollen I collect in this way is ready for shipment and it's a method that can be used with heliamphora too. Shipping pollen with residual petals or anthers may lead to pollen rotting or go mouldy during the shipment. here is the link to the youtube video: I hope this will help!
  14. thanks for all the replies. I already grow D. tubaestylis and it has light pink tubers [photo tubers] [photo plant] so I don't think it's D. tubaestylis. B2 may be D. aff tubaestylis if the tuber color is right, in fact this plant tends to form clumps. E2 I don't have any idea. It's very similar to B2 but the tuber is different and the leaves are more rounded. I don't think it's a macrophylla ssp because the leaves are too rounded and my plant has no visible petiole.
  15. I got some unclassified tubers and I need help! this is the first two tubers to reach the full size. I will post photos of the other species when they are fully developed. any idea? B2 plant E2 plant The plant codes are referred to this picture of all tubers:
  16. thanks for the replies. so there is nothing to worry about :)
  17. Hi all! I start growing Drosera subhirtella and zigzagia 3 years ago and last year I got an incredible amount of flowers from both plants (and also seeds from the crossing). This year D. subhirtella didn't come back and zigzagia is smaller and without flowers. I digged out the subhirtella tubers and they are huge and healty without any sign of growth or illness. Is this happened to somebody else? Does tuberous drosera take a one year long nap after a season of exceptional growth and flowering?
  18. After 2 years of cultivation I got several flowers from my U. fulva this autumn. I'd like to ask how you managed to get your plant to flower, and the growing conditions. I keep mine in 80%sand 20% peat, high water level in winter/autumn and dry in summer (but not too much, I only let the superficial sand to dry out) but I'm not sure if letting it dry is a good or bad idea. Outdoor and sunlight in summer, indoor in winter.
  19. The arcturii is in my highland terrarium. I keep it outside only 2 months in winter for the dormancy!
  20. Drosera subhirtella: Drosera tubaestylis: Drosera peltata: Drosera zigzagia: Drosera echinoblastus: Drosera oreopodion: Drosera arcturi (New Zealand): Heliamphora folliculata:
  21. Hi, thanks for the nice comments. I don't know the location of D. gramogolensis, got it from a swap. Light level is important but the deep red colouration is caused by the cold night temperature i have in this season. Summer pitchers are light orange or green.
  22. D. gramogolensis H. folliculata, just opened pitcher: H. sarracenioides with H. folliculata pitchers on background P. crassifolia first H. pulchella adult pitcher P. gypsicola P. debbertiana Drosera prolifera