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  1. «Holy hell.....+500cm of snow??? » «Got a question, the way the leaves of your D. anglica all radiate outwards makes me think they look more like D. intermedia. Hm, just a thought, but you are sure they are D. anglica?» Yes, I'm sure these are Drosera anglica. My peat bog is still new (well, the peat moss in it), so the peat moss is loose and when it rains, there's peat moss everywhere on my plant's leaves. It makes them heavy (that's why Drosera leave radiate outwars).
  2. «What is the pipe in the corner for? I saw you mention that you had some flooding and then showed that pipe, is it something to do with that?» The pipe allow's water to remain at a certain level, so no flooded peat bog anymore.
  3. 19 July 2008: Some news. Everything growing well. Okay, here’s what survived to our Canadian winter (514 cm of snow, a new record). Dionaea muscipula: My 2 Dionaea died during winter Drosera rotundifolia: They’re all dead. I think it’s because I let them make flowers last summer (pumping too much energy). Drosera intermedia: Most of them died, but a few survived (3-4). Probably for the same reason than rotundifolia (flowers + Canadian winter = bad) Drosera anglica: All survived, even if they made some flowers last year. Utricularia dichotoma: Holy cow! They survived! Dichotoma can survive to -20 C for a few weeks. It’s growing like crazy and making flower. Sarracenia Danas delight: Alive, but looks bad Sarracenia oreophylla: Alive, excellent health Sarracenia judith hindle: Alive Sarracenia pupurea: Survived, but look like it’s going to die Sarracenia minor: Alive, not strong Sarracenia flava (2 clones): Alive (Ornata suck, flava is awesome) And new plants added this summer: Drosera filiformis: 8-10 filiformis, they’re growing fast Darlingtonia californica: A medium sized one, grow in full sun and already have 4 new pitchers. It should survive winter. Dionaea muscipula (akai ruy, dentate and ordinary): Growing fast and big. The biggest one have 1 ½ inches traps. Pinguicula vulgaris: 5 little ping Sarracenia rubra: a small one Drosera capensis: 2 small capensis My peat bog in general: Pinguicula vulgaris: Utricularia dichotoma that survived winter!!! (-20 Celsius for a few weeks + 500 cm of snow): Sarracenia oreophila: Drosera intermedia: Sarracenia flava copper top: Drosera filiformis: Dionaea: Darlingtonia californica: Drosera anglica:
  4. All your vft are doing well, but the sarr didn't survive.
  5. I'm planning to add a lots of plants in my peat bog this summer. It looks like an unknow Utricularia survived! It's hidden in the moss. My peat bog in general: Dionaea muscipula: Drosera anglica: Drosera filiformis: Pinguicula grandiflora: Darlingtonia californica: Dionaea spot: Sarracenia oreophila: Unknow Utricularia :
  6. Got my new camera: Canon 40D. Be prepared for awesome pics! Colors test: Nepenthes maxima: Two night shots in Old Quebec: Full resolution: Drosera anglica Tiger beatle Dionaea trap from my peat bog Here's some pics from my Deviantart account. You should take a look sometime in the summer if you want some carnivorous plants wallpapers and take a look at my pics in High definition. Drosera anglica Château Frontenac (or Frontenac Castle) in old Québec: Creepy fountain:
  7. bucky78: Me too (lol, sorry. Couldn't resist to make that joke.)
  8. I'm just curious, how much snow do you have in an average winter?
  9. November 22: First snow of the winter: 15 cm. I used a rubber sheet for an extra protection agains't the cold. December 01: I've added some snow on my peat bog to protect it from the cold (-19 C) December 21: We had 2 snow storm this week. The first one gave us 40 cm of snow in one day and the other one 35 cm. It's unusual to have this much snow so early in winter (160 cm in total oe 5 feet). The peat bog is under the snow moutain.
  10. Drosera anglica: Utricularia intermedia: Unknow Utricularia : What we built:
  11. Here some pics of the peat bog where I worked as a biology technician for summer. We've also built the structure that you saw in the last pics. Now I know how to use a hammer :) Peat pog and lake: Saracenia purpurea: Red sphagnum: Utricularia cornuta:
  12. Hi! I'm back. Here some news: The peat bog is doing well, same thing for my terrarium. Looks like my father was able to take good care of 'em. General view: Shadow plants (utricularia and pinguicula) Saracenia purpurea: Saracenia oreophila: Saracenia flava 'cupper head' Drosera rotundifolia: Drosera intermedia: Drosera anglica: Utricularia longifolia: Utricularia sandersonii
  13. Okay, here some news: My secret is that I'm planning to build a pond with my peat bog, and a waterpomp would make a waterscape that go threw the peat bog. BUT!, I got a job (biology technician) last week far away from home, so I won't be there to finish it until 20 August. I don't have the time to add new plants, but I managed to add plants from my ancient peat bog. The waterscape Futur pond:
  14. jm82792: About that translator thing: Is my spelling so bad?
  15. I'm working on it. I'll post a pic maybe next week.
  16. June 5 2007: Last pics of my old peat bog, I'm moving it at my father's house. Seems like a few purpurea survived. Here's the list of what survived (unlike last year, I didn't protect my peat bog agains't cold with a plastic sheet and dead leaves). The result is...quite interesting. Looks like I'll have to protect it each winter. Dionaea muscipula: 2 alive (4-5 dead) Drosera filiformis: dead (Whyi!? My favorite drosera, noooooooo!) Drosera rotundifolia: alive Drosera Binata: dead Drosera intermedia: a few death, but still alive Utricularia livida: dead Utricularia intermedia: dead Pinguicula grandiflora: dead(gemmae rotted) Sarracenia Danas delight (wrong identification of leucophylla): Alive Sarracenia oreophylla: Alive, making a flower Sarracenia judith hindle: Alive Sarracenia pupurea: a few death, but will survive Sarracenia minor: Alive Sarracenia flava (2 clones): Alive
  17. This winter we only had 1 meter of snow (we're used to have like 3 meters/winter). Last year:
  18. Quebec city, Quebec, Canada.
  19. Here some flowers/plants pics: Utricularia calycifida Utricularia dichotoma Nepenthes mikei Utricularia sandersonii Nepenthes talangensis
  20. January 21: The peat bog is now completely covered of snow. Last week we had -15F (-40F if you add the wind factor) for two days.