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  1. As Loakesy says, just give it a good wash, it's really not the end of the world - for you or your plants! Brush or vacuum away any dry salt, then rinse away the remainder, job done.
  2. There are some absolute beauties there, the Drosera graomogolensis looks like a little sticky palm tree! However I'm a little confused on one point, the Sarracenia x moorei picture is labelled as that, yet other people are confidently calling it a "Leah Wilkerson". No doubt it looks like pics I've seen of that cultivar, but surely it can only be called that if it's a vegetative clone of the parent plant, not simply a similar looking plant with the right parentage?
  3. Glad to see this thread revived, only been 5 months! Since it seems there are a few who know locations and many who don't (probably the best thing for the greater good of those locations re. increased human disturbance for a glimpse of a purp. in the wild), would it not be best if those who know locations just informed the relevant authorities and had the plants removed? No-one other than those with location info, and the authorites and landowners need know. I think it would be wholly irresponsible to publicly declare locations on the forum for reasons previously discussed, but surely if habitat conservation is any sort of concern to people in the know, the best plan would be to have the planted purps removed?
  4. I'm with SteveB, no way are those lizards and geckos natural catches. I hope there aren't people about who'd just feed any creature they find to their plants for a good photo, or to show how deadly their plants are. Looking at those pics tho, who knows...
  5. Hi Stewart, thanks for your info and pictures. I guess that even on a south facing windowsill this far from the equator, the light intensity and temp's can never match those of the natural habitat of these stunning plants! I would think that temperature would be more of a factor, since it would more likely determine the rate of water loss from the leaves and the water in the central reservoir - so a tightly rolled tube would lose less water, particularly in hot, dry windswept conditions.
  6. Perhaps I'm missing something deeply important here, but Sarracenia purpurea ain't exactly an endangered species - hands up any Sarra growers who don't have one form or another?! Is the world of CP growing going to collapse because some introduced plants are removed - I rather think not. Of course I would only condone responsible removal by parties mindful of the fragility of the local habitat, as opposed to people digging them up for a quick buck. As nice as it is to see plants growing in the wild, is it really any different (at least in the case of an introduced species), to see that plant thriving in a garden? Several pictures on this forum show very healthy Purp's in people's bog gardens. So why bother planting them in the wild - conservation? Hardly! Can anyone explain? Ideally the plants would be removed from the wild, and replanted in collections which could be enjoyed by the many, without risking any harm to the environment.
  7. marky77

    Pitcher ID

    Looks very much like "Pseudo Judy" try a search for other threads, I'm sure there are other pics floating about. I have it myself but have found it to be a very poor cross, at least the one I have. So far none of the pitchers has opened fully, either the mouth or hood, or both are pinched at one side. Seriously thinking about getting rid of it....end off!
  8. Hmm, if only some sort of genetic fingerprinting could be used to unequivocally identify various clones and hybrids - for all genera. Since environmental factors obviously play a large part in the individual colouration, size and other characteristics of CP's, it would be (in an ideal world!) great if some sort of genetic library could be built up to prevent mis-labelling and allow growers to identify their plants. Of course the financial implications would be great, but think how much better it would be if we could all find out whether we had say, an original Slack's hybrid Sarracenia cultivar, or just some similar looking hybrid. If only...
  9. Hi Neil, thanks for the link. Having read other posts, particularly in the Windowsill Neps thread, I've got the plant on a South-West facing windowsill with my Ceph and Sarra's. It's getting plenty of sun and fresh air with around a 10C - 15C drop at nights. It's a lovely plant with 3 new leaves and pitchers developing and I'm looking forward to seeing how it does.
  10. I know this thread has been about for a while, but I need to resurrect it because I've just bought the same plant and would like to know what it is! £2.99 with my staff discount, bargain! These hybrids are extremely common as far as I can see, surely someone can ID it!! This is my first Nep. so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Great pics as ever Belinda! I feel like I've been to many of these sites myself now such are the number of pics you've posted - and I mean that in a good way!! The contrast between the sandy substrate and the rich red of the plants is wonderful. Keep them coming, please!!
  12. Fantastic shots, the lighting is stunning - all worthy contenders for best pic of the year, your third pic is stunning! Reminds me a bit of an Alien from the films.
  13. Looks suspiciously like sphagnum to me, do I get a prize if I'm right?!
  14. Hi all, I recently managed to get me a pretty nice half-price plant at my work and have been trying to make a positive i.d. on it. This link shows a picture of a plant labelled as S. x mitchelliana which matches exactly the plant i have. However I've seen other pics of the above which show plants with far flatter hoods, as opposed to the almost cruciform shape mine has - and indeed the one in the link. I realise the variations likely to occur in any cross but was just wondering if I've finally managed to i.d. my plant, or if the folk at Cambridge Botanics got it wrong (unlikely tho!!)
  15. marky77

    Wacky traps

    Hehe, this seems quite tame so far!