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  1. There is still plenty inside the pods. I cut the stalk off last night and checked. Then placed everything into a ziplock bag and came here to check. Thanks for the help....again!
  2. Does this plant require stratification, or is it more shake and pray it doesn't get into another pot? I had been neglecting my plants and did not notice that this one was flowering. So I think the seed had ripened about a week or two ago and then the stalk had died. Do you think the seed is still viable or would it have gone bad by now? Thanks in advance, Specialized
  3. oops sorry I forgot to answer your question...NO I have never had one abort. Even if it did I would still leave it on there and see what it does. The flower does die at one point and it contiinues to ripen the seeds within. So leave it alone and leave it on and see what happens in two weeks.
  4. I always let the first flower open then sometime later a second one opens. At somepoint I have two flowers open at the same time and within a few days of each other. This makes the pollen ripe for the other flower who has just splayed open and is ready to accept the pollen. It just takes patience.....
  5. how small is the seed? My flowers have been black for some time so I pulled on off and a lot of VERY tiny little looking hairs droped out into my hand. Just in case I went ahead and put this into soil. in hopes for the furure.
  6. show off.... nah that is really nice I could only dream....... some day...some day I will have nothing near what you produce....lol...still dreaming great job
  7. wow those are amazing...Thanks CPUK it was for the better!
  8. It still seems to be kicking the bucket on me. Tomorrow when I get home from work I will repot it into dead LFS and see if airing out the roots helps anything. I should also be getting my camera back from the shop so I will try and post a picture of it. I know the browning of the edges and the tips back down to the main growing point is not due to to much light nor to little, as I have moved it from the main light sorce with no recovery. I tend not to worry about this becase it is showing a new leafe begining to sprout but all the latest ones (all two of them) are starting to brown on me also. There is hardly any dew production from this plant so far either. Any thoughts? Then I will post the image and see what you think on a second go around. Thanks for the help in advance, Rick
  9. looks like it is sunburn..... What type of soil is it potted in? Was it in full sun? Once my leaves lose their pitcher they have a tendancy to turn yellow and then brown but this is quite some time after they lose their pitcher. Actually I don't know if this is suppose to happen either. It usually starts from the bottom area and works its way up but has not gone very far. Nothing of what yours looks like. The newst leaf near the top left seems to be fine as it is the newest leaf to open. I would move it to the side/shade for a week or two and then move it "slowly" back into the light. Just my two cents but I grow everything under lights.
  10. did you not read what he said...(which is set at a slightly lower level). what I posted will only work if one is lower than the other (even slightly)...did your school not teach you to read everything before speaking?...just had to get my one shot back.. These are all good ideas and all will work fine so long as there is not a leak. I guess in my post, I was trying to state that it should come from the bottom of the highest butt to the top of the lower one. Allowing you to transfer water at will. Now that I just read indymentals post I would say put it near the bottom about six inches up (thats 15cm). Gravity it works wonders now a days...no sucking needed.... Good luck Graham in which ever way you choose.
  11. do it near the bottom and you could put a water nozzle on there. That way you can transfer the water when ever you want to. Say you get some alge growing in the upper tank, you could tranfer to the bottom tank and get rid of the alge. It would help to put a semi flexable hose on there so you could wash-out the tank if you had to scrape it clean, then you could keep the bad stuff out of the lower tank. just a thought....
  12. Nice attempt though....at least you gave it your best effort. I can not wait to see it completed. Rick