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  1. That's a shame to hear Rogier.. I'm the opposite more or less..been away for 5 or 6 years now..and i'm slowely crawling back to the plants haha! (it's just that i cannot find anything besides Sarracenia, Nepethes and Doinaea!..what's up with that?..there used to be a abundance of plants..but it almost seems like the hobby has shrunken down quite a bit!?)
  2. Welcome!..it's just crawling with dutchies here
  3. Awesome looking stuff Jim!..the quelchii looks very happy indeed!^^
  4. Thanks everyone!..and yes, I will forever be connected to these wonderfull plants Fran├žois!!
  5. I know it's (a little) over a year ago since the last reply..but i gotta say it.. this is just AWESOME!!..it is (and alway's was) a mindboggeling species for me..and to see it grown so succesfully really make's my heart jump with joy!! Thanks very much for the photo's and growing guide Tobias!..you rule man! \m/
  6. Hello everyone! Well, this has been a while!..but i'm back on my feet..and moving upward.. Just to say hi to you all again..to my old friends..and also to the new ones, which undoubtfully have arrived here in the last few years! Lots has happened in the last years..and i'm not going to tire you all with the tasteless details..but i got my own place again (finally!)..which has a real small balcony..so no big collecting plans anymore.. It however does have a really nice, south facing windowsill..which is just begging for a small, but exclusive collection of Dews and perhaps some real nice Utrics. So maybe i'll contact some of you in the next few months..and buy some nice glistening gems!^^ Anyway, it's good to be back..i won't be posting very much (yet)..and neither will i be trading anything anymore..at least not in the amount i used to do..so this is clear for everyone^^ I want to thank Andy for helping me out recovering my original account..awesome job man! I'll speak to you all real soon..it's good to be back! \o/ Cheers! Danny...
  7. Chester is gonna be flooded with maniacs!! Better lay low for a while..before one of the zoo employees sees this topic, and blows the whole thing off! Hope they can handle the lot of us...
  8. This goes for me too!..way to many people i only know by (forum) name..time to put some face's to the name's!! Allready started saving for the visit..i can't wait! Looking forward to seeing you there too Fran├žois!
  9. Yeah Tim..thanks for finally posting this! You have any idea how hard it was not to spoil the suprise!!??
  10. Now where did i hear that one before?? How are you doing Mike?..hope all is well! Marcel placed a nice blackmailish picture on facebook tonight..something to do with you and a pub thinngie How about saying this out loud 3 times without injuring your mouth! : Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches. Which Swedish switched witch watches which Swiss Swatch watch switch ?
  11. I'll have to agree with James on this one..i just love the Rugelii plant's..there's nothing quite like seeing 40 different clone's standing togheter..a small apple green forrest..all with "Cut Troaths"!
  12. There's this guy who bought a new house the other day..a great place with plenty of rooms, and quite a sizable bit of land behind it. All the way back in this "Yard" there was even a nice sized pond, which was good for water supply, because he loves his gardening. So one day he head's out to the pond with a bucket, to get some water for the strawberrys, when he noticed some noise that sounded like laughter or giggeling..causiously the guy approches the pond..and there where two girls in it!..a pile of clothes on the shore..they where skinnydipping! For a minute or two or three the guy observs the girls, both eqiuped with a real nice set of B**BS, when he is tired with them..and decided to make himself noticed. When one of the girls spots him, they scream and promptly dip down to their necks..yelling "You pervert!..spying on us!".."Go away..we won't get out until you leave!!" The guy stands there on the shore and replys "Me?..spying on you both?..hell no!" and while showing them his bucket.."I'm just here to feed my alligator!"
  13. LOL!..this is fun..and if i'm correct, something similair was going on not so long ago! I'm instantly thinking back to a great joke that Amar placed there..about some construction workers..one of which was a chinese fellow..and was in charge of supllies Also brings back memory's about the "Wacky Warnings" topic ..that was awsome too!
  14. Danny...

    weird mould

    Let's hope so Jim! If this was the long awaited arrival of intelligent aliens, that sure would be a huge dissapointment for the folks at NASA There is this movie i remember faguely, i was very young (still am! )..something with "Blob"..or "The Blob".. We're doomed!
  15. There's a solution to that problem my friend..it's called "Saving"
  16. The Famous and notorious U.Subulata invasion i'm affraid.. This is a very easily spreading, and a common "plague" for most growers..it will inhabit most, if not all of your pots in no time at all..be carefull my friend! Offcourse there are growers that don't mind so much..it's a real pain however, if you are a utric. lover..and trying to keep the pots from getting mixed. U. Bisquamata is another notorious weeder.. Nevertheless a nice flower. Danny...
  17. Very nice indeed!, is this little fellow (and it's offspring) resistant to the digestive juices?..that would be awsome! Just noticed this little fluke tough, after the above article, scroll a little more down to find this link : http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/gi...-discovered.php I think that it's a crying shame that even today, with all the present knowledge we gathered, they still manage to keep a midevil mith alive