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  1. That's a shame to hear Rogier.. I'm the opposite more or less..been away for 5 or 6 years now..and i'm slowely crawling back to the plants haha! (it's just that i cannot find anything besides Sarracenia, Nepethes and Doinaea!..what's up with that?..there used to be a abundance of plants..but it almost seems like the hobby has shrunken down quite a bit!?)
  2. Welcome!..it's just crawling with dutchies here
  3. Awesome looking stuff Jim!..the quelchii looks very happy indeed!^^
  4. Thanks everyone!..and yes, I will forever be connected to these wonderfull plants Fran├žois!!
  5. I know it's (a little) over a year ago since the last reply..but i gotta say it.. this is just AWESOME!!..it is (and alway's was) a mindboggeling species for me..and to see it grown so succesfully really make's my heart jump with joy!! Thanks very much for the photo's and growing guide Tobias!..you rule man! \m/
  6. Hello everyone! Well, this has been a while!..but i'm back on my feet..and moving upward.. Just to say hi to you all again..to my old friends..and also to the new ones, which undoubtfully have arrived here in the last few years! Lots has happened in the last years..and i'm not going to tire you all with the tasteless details..but i got my own place again (finally!)..which has a real small balcony..so no big collecting plans anymore.. It however does have a really nice, south facing windowsill..which is just begging for a small, but exclusive collection of Dews and perhaps some real nice U
  7. Chester is gonna be flooded with maniacs!! Better lay low for a while..before one of the zoo employees sees this topic, and blows the whole thing off! Hope they can handle the lot of us...