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  1. A couple of pics taken today in my pygmy bog regards belinda
  2. oops should have read better - sorry - deleted original post on creating bog - Aussie style That wiz bang bog via Aidans link is far better than my "cheap as chips system " . Not sure if it works any better tho .
  3. This is what i grew from seeds Labelled as Drosera Villosa Serra da Ibitipoca It seems to have a new plantlet growing next to it . Any ideas is this the genuine Villosa ? Regards Belinda
  4. some more pics Sean Never really looked for them until recently - was intrigued by Fernandos pics. regards Belinda
  5. Thanx Sean At least i found an Utric LOL Yes i do have shots of the leaves i'll post later today . I found it in a small bog on the banks of the Colo river in Wollemii national park . I gather these would be a common species around sydney? regards Belinda
  6. Hi Im NEW to utrics - found this in Wollemi national park ( Eastern Australia) Please help with ID think it is probably Australis but doesnt match pics ive seen . As i said new to utrics - may even not be a utric - LOL regards Belinda
  7. After reading through the cultivars and the relevant information and previous registration practices. Ive got multiple batchs of meristocaulis , one plant in particular is growing much faster and has a slightly different colouration . Was thinking about applying for cultivar status for this plant came up with the name Meristobelindaeasiertogrow Will let you know the outcome . regards
  8. Beutiful Pics Andreas Magnificent plants particularly the last pic , Thanks for posting them - proves why we all love drosera . regards Belidna
  9. Still think this is a disgrace the way "johnny come latelys" can receive plants like this then have the cheek to name it after themselves - what a joke shouldnt Steve really get the credit . Culitivar registration is a blight and a disgrace , too many contentious registrations - Hey just realised my Meristocaulis are taking on a different colouration wow there growing quicker than most i know - might register it - i'll call it meristobelindaeasyiertogrow - what a joke ... BTW by "Johnny come lately" i mean people futher down the track registering plants supplied by someone else . Belinda
  10. Truly fascinating Fernando LOL dont blame you for that one - ah well some seed would have been good :) - would have been nice to have pipped the brains trust -- LOL thanks for posting the pics regards Belinda
  11. Hi My pygmy bog is outside in a portion of my garden surrounded by bush rock and protea. ( see how it was made " how i constructed it guide " - under creating a pygmy bog topic in Drosera on the Australian carnivorous plant society forums Ive found similar species flower at the same time or close too same time . Re scopiodes flowers in my bog at pretty close to the same time as dicrosepala. Palacea still havnt flowered yet so ive still some more mass flowerings to come . So because of the number of species in the bog the flowering continues for some time. regards Belinda
  12. Thanxs Pygmies and a venus flytrap - a bog garden even a pygmy one wouldnt be the same without a venus flytrap :) regards Belinda
  13. Hi glad you enjoyed the pics . There is a mixture of pygmy spieces in the bog - If anyone is interested on a step by step " how i constructed it guide " - under creating a pygmy bog topic in Drosera on the Australian carnivorous plant societry forums
  14. Last pics i promise of the pygmy bog. Had a mass flowering this morning thought may be of interest . regards Belinda
  15. Great Pics Love the pic of the adder Wish we had rotundifolia and anglia - much better than my local cps - IMO anyhow . Everybody always says how great we've got it for cps - but personally you guys have the edge over my part of Australia for cps ( NSW )- maybe not quantity but for quality IMO. Thanks for posting - beautifully coloured plants . Regards Belinda