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  1. Thanks for the replies.At least I now know both are fine to use.
  2. I am trying to source a couple of bags of peat for my large tubs. I can no longer find Shamrock on sale. I certainly don't want to use Westlands but the only other 2 brands I have found are Evergreen and another called bord na mona. Anyone familiar with these brands and which one may be better? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just a load of mixed Sarracenia, few sundews and VFT, Untricualia, 2 cephalotus and a partridge in a pear tree.
  4. I had this growing very well in a deep tub of water for a few years until I added 3 gold fish which I think have killed it off. It winter it died back and sunk to the bottom before coming back when it warmed up.
  5. Hi all, not been on the forum for years as something called kids came along into my life so kind of lost interest for a while. I still have a reasonable collection but sadly been a bit neglectful toward them. Getting back into them now - as is my oldest so hope to be contributing and asking questions again soon. Cheers.
  6. I managed to tempt one out-(well half out) by disturbing the web with a stick. It wasn't as big as some house spiders I have seen. I think it knew there was no fly as it didn't come all the way out.
  7. Apparently its the funnel weaver spider - funnel weaver, Agelena labyrinthica.
  8. In a local field I noticed these huge webs at ground level. They were around 2ft in diameter and the entrance to the spider burrow was arond an inch wide. I tried to use a stick to see what spider was hiding down below but it would not come out- there were about 20 of these webs. Anyone shed any light on what spider is making these huge webs?
  9. I thought I would try submerging for a couple of days my U.Reniformis to get rid of some pesky aphids that we causing problems. It came out the water yesterday and the leaves looked a bit off colour and today this.... Thankfully there is a bit of life down the side of the pot
  10. The bees have done that to my roses. Again not bothered as I am not overly keen on those plants.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Yes I do enjoy watching them go about their daily lives. I bought a 2nd one from our local Lidl yesterday to encourage even more.
  12. With the recent decline of bees I bought a bee house last year which has proved to be a huge sucess but for a quite a while a lot of the holes have been plugged with what looks like mud. Any clues what is behind them (eggs, adult bees?) I am wondering what ever may be behind them has died in which case I could re open them for more bees.
  13. AndrewLuton

    The 3 amigos

    These are going to cause a stink soon Sauromatum venosum
  14. For any budding Astronomers out there.... Link
  15. Mine looks just like that and flowers every Winter without fail. It's a foul stink.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. It looks like the answer will be to get some sticklebacks. They can then eat the hoglice (thanks Stephen for the ID)
  17. Couple of quick questions. I have some u.vulgaris growing happily in a deep water container. I am just considering getting a couple of small fish to share the tank. Is it a bad idea as i don't really want them to end up eating the plants? Also i am looking for the name of the some small pond insects that are in large numbers. They look like wood louse but are obviously not. I have loads in the pond and they seem to be thriving.Just interested what they could be. Thanks.
  18. You will have to go a long way North to find the Sundews I have seen. I stay on the west coast in County Donegal- in a village not far from slieve league. There are a few large boggy areas there. If you are going up that way I can give you better directions as I know some good spots but I am sure there are many closer to you. The pings there grow close to sea level as well.
  19. Outside in a greenhouse. The location is not ideal for them as it only gets direct sun from mid afternoon. I have S.Flava by a south facing fence and they too and doing very little.
  20. I was in Ireland last week and went looking for Sundews and Butterworts. In previous years thay have been plentyful but this year just a few butterworts and no sundews, least where I was looking! Dont worry as my VFT are looking pretty sleep as well.
  21. Just wondered if it's just me but a lot of my plants are still in dormancy. All of my Sarras are still looking like they did 4 months ago, there is signs of new growth but still only close to the rhizome. None of my Sauromatum venosum bulbs are even showing above soil, they are still ok though as I have been digging them up every 3 weeks to make sure they havnt rotted. The only thing doing well is Dracunculus vulgaris. Anyone else suffering the same or is it just me?
  22. I am just about to plant my bulbs out. I am thinking of going 100% leaf mould for a change. Would that be suitable for them to grow in?
  23. Yes it is Zantedeschia. Shall I put it in a pot in my unheated outhouse till spring then into the ground?
  24. Hi was recently given a small bare root arum lily but not sure if it should be planted outside now. It's for a garden border rather than a bog garden. Should I plant it into a pot until spring or will it be ok to plant out now in the beginning of winter? Any advice appriciated
  25. Hi Bill, Down load this. It will help a lot in understanding what you can remove. Soluto