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  1. 'Drosera of Japan' has been on Google Play as well:
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments! You might find something similar if you explore. Some people think it could be a result of hybridisation, but as far as I know, it doesn't seem to be the case. In any case, not much has been known about these pink-flowered clones of D. rotundifolia as yet. Exactly. But I think Kei Saito (Napraforgo) and some other people are more knowledgeable in those areas. :)
  3. Have you tried other ebook sites? Smashwords: Kobo: Angus & Robertson: Paperback edition (Amazon): You could also try downloading it from regional sites of Amazon. Thanks! Have you tried other ebook sites? Smashword
  4. Now the Smashwords version is also available:
  5. Perhaps Amazon was just unable to convert the price into some other currencies? If Amazon doesn't work, it will soon be on other websites as well. Thanks!
  6. I have got a little news. My ebook Drosera of Japan has been released on Amazon. It will soon be available on other websites as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  7. Yes, he used colchicine. I don't know of people who have tried those other chemicals, though.
  8. Oh, this is simple. The breeder of this hybrid (Ivan Snyder) created an artificial mutant which is fertile.
  9. Yes, it seems to have got too cold and probably too dark as well. You could wait for new shoots to come up from the roots if this one doesn't do well.