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  1. My conditions are similar to elvis'. My edwardsiana (hardly a difficult species to grow) experiences daily highs into 28C maximum to nighttime lows of 15C (I prefer slightly cooler but it's been so mild this December) - it's one of my best growers.
  2. I have a tub of rainmix too, I've always been careful about spraying the few orchids I have living among the Neps, but it's good to know they'll appreciate it just as much.
  3. Delightful. One must remember that Nepenthes ampullaria, much like Sarracenia purpurea, may rely on commensal or mutualistic organisms to break down prey and litter. I would imagine the amount of rainfall experienced by N. ampullaria (or more precisely the runoff from the canopy above) and it's free entry due to the reflexed lids, would ensure the pitcher fluid remains quite diluted and constantly renewed. Just a thought.
  4. All new leaves on some of my plants under 96W of T5 have some degree of redness, from a light blush to almost no green whatsoever. Growing in such a small space, I look to limit leaf size while not compromising overall vigour, pitcher size and quality.
  5. Well, suffice it to say I have once again been bitten by the Nepenthes Bug, and quite severely, might I add. I went from this: To this:
  6. I have my 4-tube 2' lightwave 45cm above the bottom of my Nep tank (distance from tops of plants varies with pot and plant size), sitting on 4mm glass. I've had the setup for about a month and most plants are showing redness in their leaves and growing vigorously. It may be a bit overkill considering the light burn, but I like to grow my plants hard and lighting has always been the easiest variable for me to manipulate for that purpose, while maintaining high humidity - therefore good growth - in a terrarium environment. In short, I'd say you're good to go with your lighting!
  7. That looks REALLY good, well done! I also only used 60W for all my plants crammed in a propagator under an aerogarden reflector. I think your setup will work quite nicely!
  8. I'm not so much talking about the price, but the provenance.
  9. I hate to make assumptions, but, really??
  10. Oh I thought you were after higher wattage tubes at 2'. I have 4 tubes (94W) at 30-40cm away from the tops of my Nepenthes and they are developing red leaves.
  11. My apologies, they've changed their website since I lasted visited. They're in the T5 lightwave page, in the drop down menu. However, they appear to now cost £5.25 each. My local hydro shop sells them for £3.99 each, and they're really friendly to boot: The only thing I don't know is how much P&P is. Hope that helps
  12. Hydroponics shops sell 24W tubes in 2' at £3.99 on average. Greens horticulture is a very good company
  13. Hydroponics shops sell 24W tubes in 2' at £3.99 on average. Greens horticulture is a very good company
  14. These aren't too bad:
  15. If you want to use T5 tubes to cover a wider area then they'll work, as long as you have the fittings and some sort of reflector. I recommend the 24W tubes if you can find them in the length you need, a 2' one costs £3.99 normally.
  16. 6500K is fine too, it's considered a very "blue" light so expect a very white look. I used two 30W bulbs for my Nepenthes until recently, but they did have to be very close to them and with a good reflector.
  17. They are essentially normal bulbs, that fit into either bayonet or Edison screw fittings. The only difference is that when you specify the colour temperature (6400K), it tells you that it's good for vegetative plant growth.
  18. If you search for CFL 6400K you'll get results for bulbs that emit light which plants can use to photosynthesise effectively.
  19. If you're after more light then I can wholeheartedly recommend the T5 lightwave by Maxibright. They come in 2'x 2 and 4 tubes, and 4'x 4 and 8 tubes. I can honestly say my 2x4 is almost too much for some of my Nepenthes, but the one Heliamphora among them is thriving with good colour. I'll be putting a Drosera in the enclosure and see how that looks after a few weeks.
  20. Listening to this through my DAC and Shure IEM's. I only just saw the video for this to put a link here and it's surprisingly appropriate for this forum:
  21. Absolutely agree with you there, corky. Such is the nature of eBay.