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  1. The insectivorous Cuban endemic: Pinguicula jackii. Happy I saved it for cultivation. Just a few seeds was sent to me by anonymous donor. The species in now safe by in-vitro culture too. Pics from 2015.
  2. Something really new from BCP breeding kitchen. Utricularia campbelliana x asplundii hybrids - different clones with salmon flowers. Just little tasting. Made and sown in 2013. The first flowers on 2017.
  3. Thank you Sonja for a feedback! Happy to hear the parcel arrived so quick. Please, I like to specify following: As far as I´m informed Kamil sells his plants in portions for they´re taken just out of IV before they´re sold (please correct me if I´m wrong!),so with sending portions he replaces eventual losses while adaption to your own growing-conditions in advance. That is misunderstanding. I sell fully acclimatized plants, so that is not true they are freshly taken from IV just before shipping. I grow them for many of months, before selling, some even longer. There is only a few exception (if the limited availability), but I discuss this with customer - and use it only for easy grow species I know they can adapt well without any problems. Sending "portions = more plants" is our policy for a many of years We are on the market. That is because I like to increase the chances of growers to successfully grow the species in their collection. By more plants, they have a better chance to try different conditions or so. It would be very embarrassing for me, to sell for example 1 super tiny mex. pinguicula 0,5 cm, even if half cheaper. ;-)
  4. Hi Lutz, just my plants from last year for comparison. Those SA Drosera are such beautiful.
  5. Maciej: Sarcasm? No at all. You smell somebody who comment something he know nothing about. ;-) TCurrell: Sorry. All two plants are sold out. :-(
  6. Maciej, seems like you are well informed. OMG.
  7. Dani, very sorry to hear this. Dont hesitate to write me, when you will start to re-build your collection. Sorry for your loss.
  8. Dani, very sorry to hear this. Dont hesitate to write me, when you will start to re-build your collection. Sorry for your loss.
  9. Hello, Unfortunately, for some serious reason, so I can be on EEE only for a short time: I will be there only Friday 5th afternoon and Saturday 6th September morning. So I can´t display and sell plants on the tables as usual. But I can bring pre-ordered plants personally there! No other charge for postage, etc... Just please proceed regular order via e-shop www.bestcarnivorousplants.net asap and note the delivery on EEE. I will reply with details. Please important note: This offer is valid only to 3th September which is dead line for the orders. I am very sorry, I will not sell any other plants on EEE display. Only pre-ordered plants/seeds will be delivered upon confirmation. Looking forward to see you in Padova. Best regards, Kamil Pasek www.BestCarnivorousPlants.net [email protected]
  10. I am quite sure that clone is stable, because that is not only 4 years ex-vitro growing. I am keeping this in-vitro culture for more years. The "FLAMINGO" is a spontaneous reason of somaclonal variation (not specially induced), which sometimes happens via in-vitro cultures and very rarely in normal grown plants (but that is possible too). Also divisions have the same characteristics. Didn´t noticed reverse switch in colour to common form. I have some experience with variegated plants, and know well how unstable clones are behaving. Of course I can wait decade or five to study this phenomenon and we can still talk about this. But I am quite sure after that time somebody can tell here again: that is "too" short time for definitive conclusion, etc....still the repetitive "arguments" without any proof or experience. But I can understand this reactions, as that "price" may irritate someone. That plant has for sure big handicap depends on lack of chlorophyll. It grows slowly, but better grows in low limit of lighting (my experience). But for sure must use some mycorrhiza benefit too. I don´t claim that should be easy grower for anyone. That "MAYBE" in my previous post was not due a colour/variegation (which doesn't change) at all in past years. That "MAYBE" was private concern how successfully this clone can grow on self roots. I was trying 5-6 years ago with transfer a few first divisions to ex-vitro conditions, but it failed for unknown reason. But 4 years ago there was a success and you can see the result on picture. So I bet on some process of "stabilization" which happens after years of cultivation. If the plant is growing for so many years on self roots - that simply works - without any doubt! I am sorry, lack of other growers experiences at the moment. I am alone who is growing this plant. I am also working with a few plants (in-vitro), as they multiply so slowly too... But for sure there will be more growers of this plant in future, so we will see... ;-)
  11. It is absolutely not "maybe" as you suggest. Those plants are growing on self roots for last 4 years. So there is not a reason to think reverse. It is a serious offer of unique extra rare plant for serious and experienced grower. Maybe you are too rash in your judging, maybe not. ;-)
  12. I am quite sure the legislation is very similar in eastern EU countries. We have a minimal wage limit, so for the unqualified work it is between EUR 3-4 per hour. That is the minimal wage you must get by law. If you are working for less, you are probably working on illegal agreement. The unqualified students ask very often EUR 4-6 per hour for temporary/holliday job, nobody is much interested work for less. Much qualified staff or gets much, much more. The state awerage is about EUR 1000 per month in CZ.
  13. Pawel, Nice inexperienced consideration - but really out of reality. We have calculated our postage and handing as "AVERAGE" for all parcels. No difference if you buy 5 or 500 plants in one parcel, you always pay the same sum. If you have a small order, than you pay a bit more for postage, if you have a larger you have an advantage as you pay less than real costs. Thats how it is working at BCP. Did you pay any taxes? Do you have any official employee? We YES. As we are a serious business, we must calculated with much more costs, like VAT and salary, which are also included in the final price. You are the private person. You are selling plants for your "hobby" and doing this in your free time. But you can´t count with those additional costs at all! That is the main difference and maybe your "point of view". Another point: Our policy is have a system much easy, uncomplicated for buyers. I can´t imagine how to fast pre-calculate the real postage rate until I have all plants packaged as I don´t know the real weight before the parcel is finalize.Thats we decided work with an AVERAGE postage for all kind of pacels. It seems all customers are happy with this system, except one from Poland. ;-) What I remember, we packaged your parcel for more than 2 hours, and the handing EUR 3 seems to be too costly for you? If yes, I like to invite you work in my nursery for just this wage. Are you interested in? ;-) Kamil Pasek www.BestCarnivorousPlants.net
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