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  1. Some great looking plants Cedric - I especially like the second leucophylla
  2. Thanks Andreas. Stunning photos and a sickening loss! Nivation hollow could be the term you're looking for...
  3. The venation on that one looks normal to me Adrian - red on green. The pinkish tube and darker throat are reminiscent though.
  4. Thanks Martin Very infective and with no known cure. In some cases not even lack of space seems to hinder its progress.
  5. I'll certainly be keeping a close eye on how this one develops - flowers included. As far as parentage is concerned, all I know is that the site contained plants of var's. flava, maxima and a single var.atropurpurea. Jim, I've also seen at least one other plant with inverse / reverse ( ) venation. An unknown hybrid, if I remember rightly.
  6. Thanks Jim, so do I. All the pitchers have the same appearance and the lid form and vigour of the plant, at least, have been evident since year one.
  7. Thanks guys. Mike, that could be interesting - as soon as either of those green plants flowers the pollen will be wandering in quite a few different directions.
  8. I grew this one from seed collected wild at a powerline site in the Croatan National Forest, North Carolina and it's developing into a plant that's a little different to any other that I have: pink tube; red throat patch with reverse (green ) veining; large, pale green, puckered and concave lid and the whole thing is pubescent. It hasn't yet flowered. Let me know what you think. A view inside a pitcher ealier in the season.
  9. Thanks everyone for the compliments .....much appreciated! Jim, the plants are hiding in my garden! The antho-free minor too. I hadn't thought of ''Dino'' as having elephant's ears but now you mention it - and with those looong spindly lower pitcher 'legs' - very Daliesque! Now there's a thought...Sarracenia 'Vindication' But seriously I have a few other plants that would take priority if I decide to take that path.
  10. Here's a selection of photos taken this week of some of my favourites at the moment. I hope you like them. S.purpurea ssp.venosa var burkii, veinless, Bay Co. Florida - young pitcher S.flava var.ornata, Pender Co. NC S.flava var.ornata, Pender Co. NC S.''Dino Almacolle'' S.flava seedlings from wild seed, Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida S.'Lynda Butt' S.'Lynda Butt' S.flava var.rubricorpora/atropurpurea, Giant red tube, Apalachicola S.flava var.rubricorpora/atropurpurea, Giant red tube, Apalachicola S.flava var.rubricorpora/atropurpurea, Giant red tube, Apalachicola S.flava var.ornata - but only just! S.oreophila, Sand mountain,Georgia Gotcha! S.flava, anthocyanin free from wild seed, Brunswick Co., NC S.''Dana's Delight'' And the three stooges - spot the odd one out! Cheers Howard
  11. It's looking very good Jim ...and I agree with you about the fence colour - bite that bullet!
  12. I couldn't agree more about that ornata, it's a real stunner and more than worthy of its epithet!
  13. Very exciting Graham! I too hope that they are both stable and viable. I coss pollinated two S.x swaniana plants yesterday - here's hoping! ( eternal optimist ). Don't forget that Sarracenia undergo radical changes as they develop from seedlings. Their genetic make-up remains constant whereas its expression changes. The more normally pigmented pitchers were produced, presumably, last season.
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