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  1. Thank you for your reply, I will continue to wait, if they finally germinate, I will update here.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I will continue to wait, if they finally germinate, I will update here.
  3. Yes, it may seem like a stupid decision to use GA3 now. I just wanted to speed up the germination, but I didn't expect it to kill the seeds. As for why I think the seeds will sink, there is actually no evidence. It is just based on experience. For example, after soaking most vegetable seeds, if the seeds have fully absorbed water, they will sink to the bottom. The seller of the seeds is a local carnivorous plant lover. According to him, the seeds are freshly collected, and I would also like to trust him. Now I did another seeding after that, this time in this topic. With the previous experience, so in the second seeding, I didn’t use GA3 or anything, I just soaked the seeds with clear water, but the seeds still truned to dark. Now my question is, since these seeds are soaked truned to dark, does that means that the seeds are dead? is the seeds cannot be soaked in water?
  4. On October 1st, I planted some N. adrianii seeds. Before planting, I soaked these seeds with 100ppm GA3 solution. I want the seeds to absorb water completely, my plan is to fish out these seeds when they sink to the bottom. But these seeds never been like this, on the third day, they turned dark brown, and the bubble in the center became very dark. I stopped soaking and planted immediately, but the seeds became more and more dark after planting, it looks the same as rot, and it hasn't sprouted until now. I think GA3 or the alcohol used to dissolve GA3 killed the seeds, so when I got the N. merrilliana seeds on November 26, I only used water to soak them. But just after I soaked for about 24 hours, the seeds turned from golden yellow to dark brown, which reminded me of my last failed experience. I immediately picked up these seeds and planted them. Are these seeds dead? Can the Nepenthes seeds not be soaked? In gardening, seeds are often soaked to promote germination, so I did this on Nepenthes seeds. Nepenthes seeds start to soak. Nepenthes soaked for 24h. Nepenthes planted after 24h soaked.
  5. I spend an hour for each pot of VFT to change pots, just to avoid triggering traps.
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