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  1. Thanks guys! I have another question.. my weser has damaged leaves. There's white lines (been there since I got them in the mail) and now a few leaves are broken. Is it due to transport or anything else? And do I let them be or take them off?
  2. okay! And how do you give them water? Atm I use the tray method and fill them when they're empty as they apparently like it wet but I read somewhere that you should or water from the top or let the tray dry up and wait 2-3 days between watering?
  3. Hey everyone! This beginner has a few questions! As of Friday I have a few carnivorous plants. My P. Tina and P. Weser are on a windowsill that's directly on the South. They get direct sunlight from approximately 10 am till 16 PM (give or take one hour) My N. Bloody Mary is on the northern windowsill. As I read it can burn and dry easily. It doesn't get any direct sunlight but it's on a bright place, it's next to the orchids. Is this bright enough for it or should I move it to the south window? And how often do I need to mist/spray it with water? Once a week? Daily? I'm in Europe by the way, the Netherlands to be exact. I also caved and ordered a Drosera Aliciae, it will be put on the South windowsill as well as I read it wants lots of light and water.