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  1. In my opinion, you should choose the first option. The morning sun emits less ultraviolet light than the afternoon or evening sun. Therefore, this environment will be much more favorable for your garden. In any case, it all depends on your region's climate, so the choice is up to you. I use my garden for something else. Directly under the trees (they are large), I installed a small millboard decking. I placed a dining table and some soft chairs and hid it all under the tent so that it was comfortable to be there on sweltering days. My family and I love spending time there playing board games. It creates a feeling of unity with nature.
  2. For a plant to survive a cold winter typically, it needs to be healthy and not very small. Also, do not take chances with very capricious, variegated varieties. All of my purchases this year, rooted leaves, seedlings are under lamps and warm. I water them about once a week. They have not yet gained the strength and reserves to survive several months without watering and in the cold. Your plants will be able to survive the winter, but I'm not so sure about the leucophylla. You can ask them - http://www.floydstreeservicebakersfield.com/ . They will give you an accurate answer.