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  1. Thanks Magnus, that was my thinking too. I was concerned that if I stored the seeds in the fridge, stratified them later this year ready for a spring sowing the viability could be poor, so I'll sow them this weekend. Many thanks, Rob
  2. Finally, last year's seed order/allocation from the Carnivorous Plant Society has arrived..! However, rather than risk poor viability, shall I sow these Sarracenia seeds now, or wait until they've been stratified and sow them later this year?
  3. Thanks for the advice/reply, I'll be repotting my plants soonish. Could you please advise on what peat free media is suitable for seed sowing, as the coir chips seem far too chunky for this purpose?
  4. I'm still waiting for my seeds & envelopes to be delivered (order placed in October '21) I came on here today to see if I could find a contact for the CPS seedbank after having sent a couple of enquiries via the CPS website over the last few months (I never heard back from those enquiries). I fully understand the difficulties, having been a volunteer on several different committees myself, but it's just a bit disappointing to have not received my seeds or had any reply to the enquiries.
  5. Hi Steve, @gardenofeden Please could you tell me how wet your coir chips are? I've been rehydrating mine and unless the chips are actually sitting in water, the chips are relatively dry. Should I be using low/squat pots so that Sarracenia roots are in the wettest chips in a pot? Many thanks - I've not done peat free before and don't want to lose my plants
  6. I'm creating some new bog troughs and one plant that I've wanted for years is Lysichiton americanus (skunk cabbage), however it seems to be impossible to obtain from nurseries - Does anyone have any plants (or seeds) that they would be willing to sell me please?
  7. Many thanks @gardenofeden The coir chips arrived quickly from Fertile Fibre. Do you add any sand to your mix?
  8. I'm looking to go peat free and I feel like I've pinned down the options to this one compost for Sarracenias: Fertile Fibre Coir Chips Husk: https://www.fertilefibre.com/coir/coir-chips-husk-177.html I've gone through all of the information I can find and the above product appears to be suitable (neat, no amelorants??) for growing Sarracenia. Please can I have some advice about this? Am I on the right track or totally off the rails? I'm also looking to grow beginner Drosera in this medium - should I be adding sand? Looking at the RHS website they advise using Melcourt Composted Bark in the same way as peat (this is an RHS endorsed product, and having worked for the RHS I have my reservations), hence why I'm going down the Fertile Fibre Coir Chips route. Any advice will be greatly appreciated by me and my plants!
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