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  1. Hello, thank you for your responses guys. Yes I believe based on some google browsing at people's Ids they are Globular Springtails. Apparently they feed on decaying matter and are harmless to my plants? Other then being creepy/crawly should I just leave them be then, or should I take measures to control them (as they are on my kitchen window sill indoors)?
  2. Thanks for your response, I'm not sure what they are, hence I was hoping for help with an ID! They seem to not be congregating on the plant above soil level at all, they are much more active on the edge of the pot itself and the drip tray- when the pot is lifted some are visible underneath on the plate as if they had come from the soil.. No sign of major distress on the plants yet but its difficult to tell how long they have been infected. I may attempt a repot anyway.. I will need to hit the garden center to get enough new pots and the special compost mixes. Hope it's not too late to beat them assuming they are a pest!
  3. Hey, looking for advice. Noticed today that I appear to have contracted an infestation of some kind of tiny bug in my CP/Cactus/Succulent colony. They look like tiny wingless black beetles (<1mm in size) with distinctive antennae and a roundish body. They appear to jump almost like a flea when disturbed but don't resemble springtails which have a longer profile. They seem to be congregated around the plant pot's sides, rim and drip plate rather then the plant itself, so I assume they are coming from the soil. Only odd ones are seen on the plants moving about. Based on research I think they may be 'Root Aphids', although ID is hard due to how small they are. If anyone can help ID them and give me information on how to get rid of them if they are a pest that would be great. They seem to only have infested one of the Venus Fly Trap pots, although I have seen odd ones wondering around on the whole collection so it maybe worse then suspected. Picture quality sucks but it's best I could get with the bugs been so tiny..