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  1. Hi! I use this for about 14-15 hours a day, depending on when I come to turn them off. And I think that you can use them more. That is, the option with round-the-clock lighting will not interfere with plants. Just imagine natural sunlight. How much of this kind of light do plants need for life? Exactly as long as the daytime lasts. Therefore, it is easy to estimate that 12 hours is enough. My mornings are pretty bright, but they are just suitable for this. This is not an incandescent lamp but a daytime LED light. I bought it here
  2. Natural soap may be suitable. This is one of those types in which there's no glycerin and other additives. But water is also a great option. In general, when ordering exterior cleaning, the cleaning team takes into account all the materials from which the coating is made in the house, like what the walls, window frames, etc. are made of. I'd rather order a cleaning service than do it myself and ruin something for myself, and then no one will reimburse me for it. I'm going to organize a large-scale cleaning of the house this year, maybe in July. It doesn't take much money.
  3. That's genius. It never crossed my mind to do the same thing. I have always wondered what it would be like to have such plants, but I never thought of growing them at home. It must be difficult to take care of them. Probably I will try to grow such plants. Tomorrow I'll go and buy special soil and some fertilizers. Also, I'll have to buy the same installation as yours, because my yard is half in the shade. Either I'll buy something from, because I saw that they have some furniture for the yard, or I'll do everything by myself. Any tips or tricks for me?
  4. I bring mine in the bath and let them sink all the water for an hour. All are now in bloom.
  5. Thanks for info! I only recently started doing this. How nice that I can keep the temperature in my apartment using the air conditioner. I realized that I should put it precisely in place next to the terrarium, so I will need to call specialists so that they immediately check the air conditioner. If you say that high temperatures are rarely a problem on some days in the middle of summer, then that's great. Because this way, I can easily go on vacation in the summer without fear that my plants will die.