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  1. Could anyone tell me the best way to dissolve Gibberellic Acid powder? It seems impossible with water; I have read that immersing it in alcohol or washing-up liquid works but will that harm the seeds?
  2. I sowed some Stylidium albomontis seeds in sphagnum moss in June. I haven't seen tiny Stylidium seedlings before. Could anyone verify if the seedlings in my pictures are likely to be Stylidiums? For scale, they are about 5mm diameter and, for what it's worth, I had six seeds and six seedlings have appeared!
  3. Thanks for your comments. The 'domestic water filter' I have in mind is one of those plastic jugs with a filter that you can get for £20-£30. Some have a TDS meter and say to change the filter when the reading gets above 006ppm.
  4. I am running short of water because it hasn't rained for ages. I have a couple of de-humidifiers that produce suitable water for carnivorous plants but they need to be working for several hours a day to produce sufficient water. I don't really want to keep them running. I have seen several advertisments for domestic water filters - these claim to remove total dissolved solids and other impurities. Is water from these suitable? I live in a hard-water area. Terry.
  5. Thank you for your welcomes. I have several Sarracenias and Dionaeas cold stratifying in damp tissues in the fridge at the moment. I also have Sarracenias, Nepenthes, Droseras and a Utriculata in pots of sphagnum moss and sand in a sheltered position outside although I am about to move them into the greenhouse to give them some warmth. They are covered in a fine netting so that birds and other creatures can't get to them. The seeds all came from a commercial supplier. I use water from an indoor dehumidifier on CPs. This water should be pure with no minerals or bacteria. Terry.
  6. I went to Kew yesterday. The Princess of Wales Conservatory was open although the Temperate Carnivorous Zone was still closed. The Tropical Carnivorous area was open.
  7. Hello, I am quite new to carnivorous plants although I have lots of CP seeds in pots and am waiting (hoping?) for them to germinate. I am reading The Savage Garden at the moment. My plant interests are quite varied - I have collections of lithops, conophytums and fritillaries (all grown from seed). I also grow hardy palm trees from seed although that is a very long-term project! I am looking forward to meeting others who are interested in carnivorous plants. Terry.