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  1. I'm also from uk and that's true we don't have mosquitoes in uk. But now I live in Australia, and I met them here for the first time in my life. They're disgusting. But, they are as people God's creation. I live in a Perth city, and thank god we have here pest control services. When mosquitoes invaded my house, I called service (483 013 674), and they got rid of them pretty fast. Since that time, I didn't have mosquitoes anymore. Here, there are many interesting and cute animals in Australia that we don't have in uk, like coal or kangaroo. But most of all, I love coal because they're so sweet.
  2. I like Drosera, but I can't take care of them. I have read many different botanical articles that describe how to care for them. Although I perfectly understand that this is a moisture-loving plant, and the soil must be constantly moist, they just dried out. I have advised a fertilizer that is easily diluted in water, and this solution should be sprayed once a week with Drosera. But even this didn't help. The main thing that I was told for irrigation is to use distilled or rainwater. Unfortunately, it turned out that due to incorrectly installed pipes, the water in them constantly stagnated an