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  1. Melly

    Double trap

    really strange beautiful mutation!
  2. Special Plants!compliments Mathias!
  3. and on Facebook the album of the greenhouse work in progress: FACEBOOK MELLY..GREENHOUSE WORK IN PROGRESS..AND FINISH!
  4. Yes Jim, i've other cp species uhahuahuauhauha My terrarium? A normal open terrarium with 4 neon: 2 growlux and 2 sunglo and the curiosity is that in this terrarium i've heliamphore and petiolaris that they cohabit very well from many years
  5. H. Minor H.Neblinae H.Nutans H.spec. Meadow H.Tatei var tatei
  6. great pics and axcellnt plants.many compliments Graham!!!!!
  7. Is open the EEE 2008 Gallery!!! GALLERY EEE 2008 MIRA,ITALY
  8. Sandokan Bristle Tooth Dracula Cup Trap Crocodile Wacky Traps Spotty
  9. really marvellous!!!! many compliments!!!
  10. thanks all for the compliments from the "Orange t-shirt-Staff"!!! i hope in other pics!!!
  11. Melly e Andrea Amici On the left: Max (Duroduro),Sal,Melly,Andrea Amici e Giulia. On the right: Andrea (Steam),Maria Teresa,Andrea (Fanatlo), Fabio (FavioDV) Melly and Fabio Fabio with Ibicella fruit on the head Fabio,Melly,Maria Teresa and Sal