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  1. Bonjour,  as-tu une liste de prix pour les drosera que tu as en collection ?

    Merci :rolleyes:

    Hello, do you have a price list for the sundew that you have in collection?
    Thank you



  2. hello, I would like to buy the following carnivorous plants.

    Drosera cuneifolia M - 5 €

    Drosera madagascariensis M - 4 €

    Drosera regia M - 8 €

    Drosera adelae  x 2   L - 4 €

    Drosera anglica {Slovakia} L - 5 €

    Drosera x 'Hybrida'  M - 4 €

    I thank you


    sorry for the translation, i don't speak english.
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    2. Aquila


      35 orders !!!!
      you are very popular.
      okay. I'll wait.
      Thank you for your answer.
    3. Marek Delincak

      Marek Delincak

      Hi Geoffroy,

      so I'm now at your order and all plants are still available but regia.. I have just last one which has maybe 4cm all the other are sold out.. so this is what I have for you:

      Drosera cuneifolia M - 5 €

      Drosera madagascariensis M - 4 €

      Drosera regia S - 8 € (if you accept small one for the price)

      Drosera adelae  x 2   L - 4 € = 8 €

      Drosera anglica {Slovakia} L - 5 €

      Drosera x 'Hybrida'  M - 4 €

      Shipment is 7.2 so please send total based on your decision to my paypal [email protected] as a payment to a friend and send me your address.

      I'll ship on Monday.




    4. Marek Delincak

      Marek Delincak

      Hi Geoffroy I didn't hear from you  so I have to cancel your order as plants are sold elsewhere now.. Thanks