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  1. Having found that my tap water is sufficiently soft for the smoorii i now move on to care :-

    As an indoor plant will the smoorii leaves fill up themselves or should i add water to them

    What can i feed them if insufficient natural sources. Dead flies ? Pieces of leftover meat from dinner ?

    Advice for overwintering ... cold, dark , damp ?

    Many thanks



  2. I am trying to find out if my tap water is soft enough for sarracenia smoorii.  Please find below the official water classification . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Calcium Hardness (mg/l) 27.6
    Magnesium (mg/l) 0.6
    Potassium (mg/l) 0.3
    Calcium (mg/l) 10.1
    Total Hardness (mg CaCO3/l) 11.1
    Clark English Degrees 1.9
    French Degrees 2.8
    German Degrees 1.5
    NI Hardness Classification Soft


    Thanks in advance

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