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  1. Hi, Does the 3rd picture of the punk dionaea have a name now ? Is it stable ?
  2. No the best photograph, but tries my best... 2 different varieties of darling I managed to save after my f... neighboor used phytosanitary products on them...
  3. Thanks ! The best is yet to come !
  4. Hi, I was wondering if VFTs could actually regulate the amount of digestive juice once they catch a prey... For example, a huge prey would move and trigger many sensitive cilia, whereas a smaller one, few only, giving informations to the plant ? May sound like a dumb question, but worth asking...
  5. An overview of my collection in 2020 :
  6. My name's Alexandre, I'm 21. I've been interested in plants since 7, but only able to get one at 11. After multiple tests, failure and lectures, I was able to keep a drosera filiformis, then dionaea Holland Red, then... I mean, you know the drill... After getting a taste in everything, it turned out I may have a crush on VFTs... I used to have a greenhouse, but since I had to move to Bordeaux, I'm now growing them on a 3m2 balcony ! I also have an intagram page where I share the evolution of my collection if you want to take a look : https://www.instagram.com/Le_sakado_de_Kuro/