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  1. Thank you - that's a big help I was planning for a a fair few Sarracenia, and a couple Droseras. Pings seem harder to source at present, so might leave a space for one if I can get hold. I may put the obligatory VFT in there, but actually, having currently got one in a pot, I might keep the bog VFT-free.
  2. Hello, New member here :) I am looking at creating at least 1 container bog garden for some carnivorous plants, but wondered if I am right in my thinking and would appreciate the help as a beginner. I have gained 2 Belfast sinks and as I will not be able to put any drainage holes in, and the overflow being right at where I'd plan to have the mediums surface level, I was planning to run a pipe through the plug with some holes about halfway up. However, and here entails my main question, I often see recommendations to line the container with a pond liner and don't know if that is