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  1. 14 hours ago, Tropfrog said:

    I accidently left some capensis in the greenhouse during this winter. Found them today looking very sad but has started to pick upp som weak new growth. Lowest temperature in greenhouse has been -8 and there was at least 4 weeks without any temperature above 0. They must have been solid frozen. I dont recomend it as it is way off temperature in their natural habitat.

    Thanks, Tropfrog. yeah that's true. I have similar experience several yrs ago. It was still inside of the house but cold enough for water to be frozen. They survived but got very weak just like your one. So I decided to keep capensis inside at daytime and put them inside at night. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Lee Chamberlain said:

    No problem for venus flytraps with cold weather.. I have mine in a glass greenhouse. Temperatures in The Netherland got down to -17 degrees. All my pots were

    frozen last week but no deaths at all of my +200 dionaea


    Thanks, Lee. I wonder in case of venus flytraps already finished dormancy and started to make big trap. I'm afraid if they go dormancy again. So I put them inside from the night and put them outside during the daytime. 

  3. I grow several plants such as vinus flytrap, burmannii, capensis and rotunifolia. 

    Temperature of my area is now up to 15c down to 0. 

    But actual temp would be higher cuz I covered it with vinyl in order to keep damp and temp.

    What I want to know is the lowest temp for the plants above. 

    Do they survive if daylight and temp is enough even though night temp is low down to 0 degree? 

    or should I keep plants inside until night temp goes up to 10c minimum?

    * oops I just checked weather and it goes down to -4 this week. I should keep it inside