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  1. Thanks. Mine are all under led so I don’t know if they are too bright, wouldn’t expect so as they are only 50w
  2. Interesting, I’ve tried leaf pulling with no success but this pant has done it for me
  3. Only one of several recently potted up drosera has done this. it appears to have given up trying to grow as a plant and its leaves are growing new plants? I can see at least 2 plants coming, is this normal?
  4. Fascinating read. I didn’t realise there was such hybridisation, they surely are resilient little plants able to adapt readily to their habitats. my plants share similarities to Drosera spatulata var. bakoensis also but I’m guessing that particular plant is a lot less common amongst growers than tokaiensis
  5. Thanks for the link. I’ll try fetch some photos also as I’m sure I would of took some
  6. Hi, I cut the flowers of usually ascot flowers so often but will save them next time. interesting that your first thought is a tokaiensis as that wasn’t in the list of seed. But I get that I could of been sold hybrid seed. thanks for your reply
  7. Hopefully we will learn lots together here :)
  8. Thank you, yes I’m enjoying looking around all the posts
  9. Hi, I’m Shane and have been interested in CP since a child but only serious about them since the first lockdown. having managed to get my shop brought generic flytrap through the winter, I decided to buy some mixed drosera seed and was rewarded with several varieties. I have now learnt we have UK natives so I’m very keen to grow these and perhaps build a bog garden (keen gardener). Hoping to have a greenhouse gifted to me this year and intend on expanding my collection and learning a lot more about how to care for these plants. ive just germinated some D burmannii and don’t think it’ll be long before I get some of those cephalotus, which look particularly nice. I shall have a good read through the threads now. Thanks
  10. Hello, I brought a mixed seed pack of drosera a year ago to start off my new hobby. In the mixed seed list, it listed that it included seed from D burkeana, burmannii and spatulata. I have been assuming these are all spatulata as that seems to be more common? The top left drosera in the photo is especially interesting to me as I think it may be a different species to the rest of them. It doesn’t produce much dew and it grows much faster and bigger than the rest of the plants. perhaps they are hybrids of spatulata. I would be very keen on any insight you could give me on the fascinating plants Thank you for looking in