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  1. Phil B

    S. Flava maxima

    can anyone post pic's of both maximas ? Phil
  2. i hung most of my neps on a Gardman bird feeder with extra hooks on - stuck it in a big terracota pot and stood it in my room. 15 neps in 2 square feet of room and you still get the window sills free !
  3. Rob, can you explain further - "Strongly acidic soils are conducive to heavy anthocyanin production. Tannin?" Im just looking at light/pigment relations at college. Phil
  4. is the harness on your son there to help pull him out of the pitcher ??? Great pics ! Phil
  5. oh god i feel fed up already !
  6. ive bought from P&J plants on a number of occasions. All good plants and Paul is DEAD helpful if you have any questions after sale. Phil PS Is he doing Tatton show this year ?
  7. im not sure - only going off the label it came with ! I'll have to ask it ! Phil
  8. Flava 'Maxima' in my back garden Another one of my N. x ventrata Phil
  9. hi David, i sowed seed for the 1st time last year - just popped it onto 50:50 sand:sphagnum peat mix, kept it moist and waited. And waited. Then WOOSH ! i got loads in the space of a few weeks in April/May (i think it was). Fresh seed, cold then warmth and patience is the key. I stratified some in the fridge - in a little zip lock bag filled with rain water for 4-6 weeks and they germinated really quick once id sown them around mid summer. Phil
  10. N. x ventrata - i think Cant seem to view the rest of my uploads - it says ive loaded 4 pics but only lists 2 under "uploaded files". Once i get it sorted - more to follow ! Phil
  11. Cheers once again, i edited the code in a vain attempt to be clever. Doh. Phil
  12. I hope it works ! N. x mixta X maxima how do i get it to load the pic within my post ? And can it only host 1 pic at a time ? Where else can i get free pic hosting ? Ive got loads to share ! Phil
  13. Aidan and Bob, talk of cricket and rugby should keep the aussies quiet for a while......just dont mention the weather or we'll never shut 'em wheres me passport ????? and me trench-foot cream????
  14. ive used a combination on 1 and 2 this year for highland neps, tree ferns etc, all run off a mains timer with comes on for 5 mins 3 times a day - also waters the rest of my pots in the garden. if you keep the vents and doors closed then humidity remains high. I dont shade the bottom foot or so of the glass as the sun light heats the wet back and evaporates the water- keeping both high. Careful if you wear sunglasses in summer as they steam up when you walk in ! The water is misted in from fine sprayers above the bark - about a foot - well away from the neps. I have also had a sprayer hanging from the roof which creates a mist curtain and helps keep humidity up - ive used horticultural fleece underneath the shading which is also inside - this soaks up a degree of water and then dries out - keeping humidity up as well a diffusing light. All the sprayers are run off micro bore pipe - the thin stuff with individual on/off taps - which you can get from b+q - handy when the mist comes on and your in the greenhouse - you can turn them off if you dont want to get wet. Its also great fun to lock children in the greenhouse and turn on the sprayers - but dont tell social services. The whole set up is cheap and it basically runs it self. i'll post photos when i can work out how to do it ! Phil
  15. whats the best was to over winter "her" in the uk ?