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  1. The plant "minutissimum" sold by Triffid Australia in the 90's reverted to a normal size in cultivation. It's still in collection but it doesn't have any interest. I've a very small plant from my own seedlings, leaves are about 2 or 3 mm and it grows in clumps. It seems to be stable but I've to wait a little more to diffuse it. Pictures are in Bob's web site. Cheers. Laurent
  2. Chloroplastik


    Not a good catcher nevertheless.
  3. Chloroplastik


    It's a mature plant.
  4. Chloroplastik


    This plant is very small. Traps are a few mm lenght. Here is another picture sent to Bob Ziemer a few months ago.
  5. Chloroplastik


    Hello there, Here is a picture of the wonderfull Cudo selected from seedlings a few years ago by a VFT grower : MS (I don't want to be responsible of a spam attack in his email box so I don't give his name. Cudo -say "tchudo" - means something like weird or strange thing in slovak. A very good name for this strange and particular vft. Every parts of the plant even roots are different from the typical plants we can find originally in Carolinas. An old picture from last summer. This plant grows perfectly in a tropical terrarium. Cheers
  6. Thanks for your help Sean, it's very appreciated. I will have only time to go and climb in Tasmania and around Hobart it's perfect. I will also try to get to lake Esperance...
  7. Hello, I will go to Tasmania in the end of december to take a boat to go in Antactica. I may have a few days there and I would love to see one of my favourite sundew in its habitat so if you have some information about the exact locations of this plant (Drosera arcturi and Drosera aff. arcturi) please let me know. Cheers.
  8. Hi Tom, Nice shots. My favorites are the utri and the capensis ones. This last one is one of the best I've seen of this species. For the VFT you can visit me next spring to train you on my babies cheers Laurent
  9. Thanks for the update Geoff.
  10. Nice pictures and plants as always. Thanks Khelljuhg ;)
  11. Hi, I use a mix of perlite and Supersphag (1:1) for some of my VFT and I think it's a must because: -they are really easy to repot in this mix -they grow well in it and they make a good root system. -fongus attacks are very limited in this mix. -You can wash it and reuse it I use the same mix for Cephalotus, D. falconeri... Bye
  12. I hope it will be in other collections next year
  13. The spines but also the shape of the trap define this cv. You can find the registration here: I have to take other pictures to show you the shape of the trap and inside it but I don't have much time.
  14. Hi, Here are some pictures of my "Louchapates". This is an official cultivar but still very rare. Bye