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  1. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    tomorrow morning write me on my email [email protected] and I'll send you photos
  2. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    now he doesn't even have them anymore ... paid him a lot of money ... he's not a cheap cephalotus ... if you are looking for one ... I have divisions that are growing
  3. you're right ... but so far it's going well .... I wanted to ask you ..... do you have cephalotus?
  4. Bellissima pianta ...vigorosa con foglie leggermente allungate con ascidi cravattone e peristoma molto simili agli hummers le fasi di crescita da novembre 2020 a giugno 2021
  5. sorry if I contact you here ... but I still find it not easy to navigate the forum
  6. Potrebbe avere a che fare con il queen mary?
  7. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    one of the strongest and most vigorous clones in my collection
  8. Alfyo

    Big boy

    from your photos and those of Dimitar .... I can conclude .... that mine is the original one too ... they have similar facial features .... many others I have seen do not look anything like these
  9. Alfyo

    Big boy

    cosa si sa del ragazzo grande cefaloto? ho visti tanti in giro anche da rivenditori famosi ma nessuno รจ veramente grande rispetto al mio...
  10. Cosa Ne pensate di questa dionea?