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  1. ci sono informazioni su cephalotus Jason's Arks?
  2. I put a filter from you for fear that they fly away with the wind ... did I do well?
  3. when and how do you understand that the cephalus seeds are ready to be harvested?
  4. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    tomorrow morning write me on my email [email protected] and I'll send you photos
  5. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    now he doesn't even have them anymore ... paid him a lot of money ... he's not a cheap cephalotus ... if you are looking for one ... I have divisions that are growing
  6. Alfyo

    Uc davis

  7. you're right ... but so far it's going well .... I wanted to ask you ..... do you have cephalotus?
  8. Bellissima pianta ...vigorosa con foglie leggermente allungate con ascidi cravattone e peristoma molto simili agli hummers le fasi di crescita da novembre 2020 a giugno 2021
  9. sorry if I contact you here ... but I still find it not easy to navigate the forum
  10. Potrebbe avere a che fare con il queen mary?
  11. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    one of the strongest and most vigorous clones in my collection