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  1. Thanks for your replies Jasper, glad to hear they are healthy! One last question: They've had nothing but water and sunlight so far. Is it, at any point, necessary to feed them actual bugs/insects?
  2. Thanks for your reply! I've reattached the images. So does the Sundew need a dormancy? Also, in regards to repotting it was with the intention of /hoping they might, get bigger. Will this happen?
  3. Hi all, These are my first carnivorous plants and I bought these three lovelies a few months ago. They look to be doing really well, but i'm not sure what to do next. (D.aliciae, D.capensis alba and a D. capensis narrow leaf) They've only been sat on my window sill, and i've had them sat in water in their trays the whole time. I think the flowers that have grown out of them look lovely. But i've read that they need to go dormant/that I should chop the flowers off... Any advice at all? Can I keep them going as they are? Do I/Can I repot them to help them grow bigger/mo