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  1. Hi Rob, Thank you for the reply and suggestions! So do you think there's no way I can help the plant grow some new leaves or at least grow some dew on the leaves that it already has? My intention of buying this plant was to help me control the flies that are starting to develop in my vermicompost bin. But without the dew the plant cannot catch anything... Thank You, Catalin
  2. Hi Magnus, Thank you for your reply! The water in the tray is not rain water, it is filtered water... I was hoping to be good enough. In any case I will buy distilled water and used that from now on. What do you think about filtered water? I just have a regular water filter which claims to remove this from water: Lead up to approx. 99,5% Copper up to approx. 98% Cadmium up to about 99% Phenol not more than about 99,5% Benzene up to about 99% Pesticides up to approx. 95% Chloroform up to about 99,5% Chlorine up to 100% Thank You, Catalin
  3. Hi Guys, I’m new here and new to growing carnivorous plants so I would like to get some help from you please. I just bought my first Drosera Capensis, or that’s what I think it is…Could you please confirm? The plant doesn’t look too good in my opinion, the leaves are beginning to get brown and die starting from the top and no dew is produced at all. I got it fro a super-market where it probably didn’t see the light of the day and the soil was dried out. I live in Romania where is now autumn and I don’t have direct sunlight on my windows. Can I grow the plant without special artificial light? Is the room’s light bulb enough? Do you think I can rescue it, and if yes how? Should I repot the plant, in what kind of soil, is general flower soil good? I think there are actually two or three plants in there… should I split them apart in different pots? Thank You, Catalin