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  1. Aiels


    You should change the substrate for dehydrated sphagnum moss, and keep them in a water tray. Or Peat with Perlite works well too. Droseras intermedias are not that hard to take care for it must be really simple to solve this problem.
  2. Hello, I've bought a new Cephalotus Follicularis at the beginning of the month. It came planted on sphagnum moss. I've let them set on 1cm of water because the pot is very little and the sphagnum moss retains a lot of water. Since then, all its new pitchers have been getting yellow and fading away I thought it was normal but it's starting to run out of new pitchers. From what I've looked for it could be a Sudden Death Syndrome, but I'm not sure. I've stop keeping them sitting on water all the time I water them between 3 days or in hotter days I water then once per day. I've been thinkin