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  1. does that not keep the cats out of the greenhouse? Perhaps with all the flowers it will smell like a 250 foot tall cat has marked its territory here??? LOL
  2. bleurch, not the flava smell?
  3. My poor flava has just been relegated from the kitchen windowsill to the porch because we eventually found where the 'cat pee' smell was coming from! ........ its flower! i can't ever remember this getting mentioned before? PS we dont own a cat! Anyone else got smelly flowers? Looks nice though!
  4. yep, got a flava just waiting to open.. wont be long and leuco not far behind!
  5. I have a flava producing a flower stalk right now!!! here's to my first ever pitcher flower LOL
  6. speaking of mutants...
  7. its called egg crate and most shops that sell marine invertebrates for fish tanks (reefs) will sell it
  8. I have a similar situation Mike, Should be leave as much of the stolon under the substrate (pure sphag) by wrapping it around the same way it was? Just that this stolon must be a about a foot long...
  9. i am a countryside ranger in glasgow city council. Responsible for 53 sites some of which are SSSIs and most are SINC sites... yes i do have some areas with rotundifloria :)
  10. yeah bloodworm are freshwater mossie larvae :) they are about 98% water too though
  11. ven the porch was at 1 degree C this morning! what a hard frost last night!
  12. on new years eve that year, the ceiling on my flat burst when the pipes defrosted and flooded the place leaving me without electricity and totally destroying the heating/water supplies. I had to rehome a 30" red tail catfish and a 12 foot burmese python! What a nightmare. Managed to get them to friends with big tanks. I never actually got the red tail back.. was too worried about something happening again. to keep on subject :) my darlingtonia are on my window sill and are doing fine there, but will need to get them a bit colder for a while. They are still producing leaves and runners
  13. I'd say that I feed all my carnivores about fortnightly. That's all sarras, drosera and neps... I think it does them well as i didnt feed one capensis for about 4 or so months and the one i did feed really overtook it growthwise. i also feed crickets but i feed the crickets fish flakes for a few days before i feed them to anything else, this is mainly to benefit my frogs who eat most of the crickets but im sure that it makes the crickets a healthier product for plants too
  14. avoid too much humidity near the fan! ZAP! :)