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  1. Last update for this year : have a good day.
  2. Hello all. I am Matthieu Jehanne, nursery man at Carniflore in France. We created this nursery there is more than 10 years. Last year we have added a lot of News plants cause we bought the National collection from J.J. Labat. We have Sarracenia, Dionaea, Drosera, utricularia, Nepenthes and Pinguicula. We added soon Genlisea and Drosophyllum. We shipped everywhere in Europe. We sell plants on flowershow, internet and directly at the nursery. Our priority is to offer you strong, natural, and very Nice plants. Our website is : Have a good day.
  3. There is Carniflore, a nursery specialized in Carnivorous plants in France since more ten years. I am the nursery man, and i think you should give a name to your nursery different from one already existing.
  4. Hi, just to say that i have buy my last plants (dionaea and darlingtonia) at It seems to be a new site in France. Good plants, and good answers to my questions. I recommanded them.