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  1. Thanks Alex, Would this be a base along the bottom or mixed as a percentage of the peat? I was going to have no holes in the bottom but holes 10 mm from top media level around the back of the planter for excess drainage if that helps! Thanks again I appreciate the advice.
  2. Hi All Im new to CP’s anD the forum. I’m from Northwest England an am Building a bog planter outside. I’ve purchased 100 litres of Clover peat but need an online link for a SAFE perlite with no vermiculite. If you don’t have a link a pic of the package will be great. I need this ASAP so any help is greatly appreciated! thanks very much. cheers Suzy
  3. Hi All Im in Northern England and am looking for a link to order perlite with no vermiculite and the sand as I’m making an outdoor bog garden. Any help would be appreciated. cheers Suzy