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  1. Okay, thanks. Maybe I should put it under my fluorescents and feed it a bit more...
  2. My only worry with growing them outside are the BURNING temperatures (104 F at the highest), and also winter temps. 10 F is the lowest temp here.
  3. How big around should my drosera capensis be when it first flowers? Also, how long does it take to mature?
  4. Could I grow a sarracenia rubra on a windowsill with southern exposure? There are windows covering half of the room
  5. The only thing YOU should worry about is if your bedroom is bright enough
  6. Thanks for the info. Where do you keep the scorpioides?
  7. Is this normal? I have three plants in the pot. (Medium, small, and tiny) when I feed the medium plant, its‘ traps die, but when I feed the small or tiny plant, the traps digest normally and open with the preys’ shriveled husk inside. Does it need a bigger pot? Is it root rot? What could it be??? I don’t want to kill it.
  8. Can pinguicula catch aphids?
  9. I would personally call it dionaea “clamface”
  10. Not boiled water! It only removes some chlorine
  11. Burn Chinese seeds!!! (or don’t buy them in the first place)
  12. I was wondering why my plants teeth curved outward! Now I know the traps are just sealing