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  1. I’ve been thinking about this... So, in The Savage Garden, Peter D’Amato says that the so called “wick pots” don’t keep the soil wet enough for most CPs, just making it damp. Would this work for Cephalotus, as I’ve heard they need damp soil?
  2. Yeah, I’m guessing a hybrid with oreophila in it would be very vigorous, as plain oreophila plants are already robust without the hybrid vigor.
  3. I think lights too, probably just need to move them to the windowsill with my dionaeas, which are doing pretty well. Thanks!
  4. Plantfreak

    7 petals?

    I was just looking at my flowering D. muscipula typical, and I saw that one of the flowers had seven petals, while the others had five. Is this anything to document, or just a fluke?
  5. Ok I’ll get back to you w/picture
  6. I bought 7 baby sarracenia flavas and they’re in my terrarium under a grow light, and I’m not sure what’s going on. Here’s the deal. So, the farthest most left two are not doing good; newly emerged pitchers are dying. It starts off with brown spots on the edges of the lid, and now some of the lids are mostly brown. And yet, a few inches to the right are some flavas that are just doing fine, old pitchers dying, new ones coming up, etc. I have absolutely no idea what’s the matter. I’ll post a pic if asked. I mean, even if those two die, I’ll still have five more yearlings. But still.
  7. Yeah, that’s happening to me I have 7 baby flavas in my terrarium close to grow lights and their lids are browning
  8. Thanks everyone, have my dionaea and s purpurea in the refrigerator.
  9. Also, in ICPS it says they don’t need dormancy; they had a pic of a huge vft that’s been growing without dormancy for 10 years.
  10. So, I got a Sarracenia purpurea venosa around 2 weeks ago, and the traps are withering. It was shipped in total darkness for two days and I know this is normal. It’s strange because only the biggest pitchers seem to be withering, though a few young ones are too. Help. Also, I’m annoyed because I’m trying to give my dionaea dormancy along with my purpurea, and my dionaea is flowering! Does it have its seasons mixed up, or is this normal; either way, I’m still chopping off the flower stalk. It hasn’t been cold enough yet for their dormancy, and I’m getting a bit impatient. Refrigerator or no?
  11. So, I’ve had a Nepenthes x ventrata since May now, and all it’s been doing is growing bigger and bigger. However, just now I’ve had a pitcher vine just die suddenly before creating a pitcher. The vine next to it has a weird rust-colored stripe near the undeveloped pitcher. What is it? I’ve read about rust spot, which is harmless; this it? Also the newest developed pitcher has weird scars on it, anyone know the cause?
  12. T5s are best, keep the plants around 30 cm distant.
  13. Ok I hope I wasn’t being rude, but fluorescents really are a good idea. Hope I helped
  14. I have a pot of drosera madagascariensis seeds and I used unwashed sand and peat. I’ve heard that washing peat helps with algae, but washing sand is necessary. Could I grow them in the pot ‘til their big enough to pluck out with tweezers, and then put them on washed media? I guess I’m just wondering if it’ll be fine for maybe a month two
  15. I recommend getting cheap fluorescents.
  16. Could I use unwashed sand for mah CPs?
  17. If anyone has any seeds please tell me... If so tell me how much $$$ it would cost for maybe around 7-ish seeds. If willing to give for free that would be great but if not I'll pay for them.
  18. If you have any northern windowsills you can keep them there under a cloche or bell jar.
  19. Sundewmatt, there is a cultivar named Charles Darwin that does NOT need dormancy, but it would do good to put it in the fridge for maybe around a month or so. Hope that helps.
  20. Plantfreak


    Maybe, if the pygmies are in pots, hold them above the sowing medium and tweak the gemmae with a toothpick.