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  1. Hi Christian, although I don't like Drosera in general, these are very impressive pictures! Why I didn't find them in the GFP Forum? ;-) Kind regards Giovanni
  2. Hi, did the plants still germinate? I had the same problem with Nepenthes seeds a long time ago. But they never germinated. Kind regards Giovanni
  3. Hi, I have grown a lot of species in a greenhouse like you've postet it. What are the minimum temperatures during winter in your city? If you have a connection of power supply you could use a small heater to increase the temperature to 5°C. Then you have best conditions to grow a lot of species beside Dionaea :-) I never had problems with UV filtering. Kind regards Giovanni
  4. Hello, about 90% of all Mexican Pinguicula need the same conditions. I have grown about 100 species and hybrids in my greenhouse (winter temperatures about 0-5°C). So in my opinion there aren't easy and difficult species (certainly there are some exceptions). Just look for those you like. It doesn't matter wheather it is P. agnata or emarginata or esseriana or moranensis.... Kind regards Giovanni
  5. Hello Jens! very good idea! What are you doing to reduce the risk of overheating? When I cultivated this species on my windowsill the main problem was the temperature during the phase of sunshine. Kind regards Giovanni
  6. Hello Mark, very nice plant! How old is it? Do you cultivate this species like an usual N. truncata? Kind regards Giovanni
  7. Hello, it looks like my P. ehlersiae (Ixmiquilpan, Hiidalgo). Why do you believe it isn't the real plant? How does your new plant looks like? Certainly only with the help of the flower a identification is possible. Kind regards Giovanni
  8. Hello, a picture would be helpful. Is the growth point still green and not brown? Reasons for yellow leafes can be too much water during the summer and in consequence rot. But maybe it is still the natural color :-) Kind regards Giovanni
  9. Hi, It seems that David Waldron is also a thief! For more information please look to this Thread: I hope David is banned from this Form? Any news, Aidan (from Sascha or Waldron)? Kind regards Giovanni
  10. Hi, It seems that David don't want to answer me in this Topic. Isn't it possible (maybe for the moderators) to write him an eMail and ask for explanations? I am quite annoyed about what happened... Kind regards Giovanni
  11. Hi, I have to report a buyer named David Waldron. I sent him month ago an order of those Pings for example: > AGNATA CSUF > CLYCLOSECTA > EHLERSAIE ALBIFLORA X MORANENSIS > EMARG X CYCLO > GIGANTEA > GIGANTEA X LAUEANA CRIMSON > HETROPHYLLA > MOCT > MOCT X LAUEANA ORANGE > TONOLA After asking him wheather the plants arrived (because he didn't paid the money)he told me that all plants are dead. I asked for pictures as usual. He answered me he cannot take any photos. Very strange (he cannot even ask the neighbour...) However I told him he sh
  12. Hi, I have to report a bad buyer again: and sacha:[/color][/b] Sascha bought a Cpehalotus for 12€ incl. postage to Spain from me. After sending the plant he never answered any PMs or eMails. Certainly it is safer to recieve the money before sending the plants, but in Germany the opposite is common. In the German Forum I had never such troubles. Kind regards Giovanni
  13. H Joel, Wow, these pictures are the most amazing one I have ever seen! Only stunning! Which camera do you use? These are wonderful colors and and a fascinating depth of focus..... Kind regards! Giovanni
  14. Hi, maybe interesting for you (with pictures!):𒞷 It seems lika a pompom variation appears in Germany. But it looks a little bit different than the original one. my best Giovanni