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  1. Hi Natale, I'm curious and just out if interest would a seal and heal work? Such as arbrex etc... Here some links to what I'm on about... I've no experience with either or grafting paste... but am thinking to get one and have it in the potting shed as a standby as a just in case!
  2. @Richard Brunn just updating you about my undelivered seed order placed on the 22nd August, I have used the contact link you supplied which should of gone to the Enquiries Officer. It's now a week later and I have still yet to hear or receive anything. If I'm jumping the gun abit then I do apologise but I thought the Enquiries Officer would of acknowledged or known something by now. Do you have any other suggestions to what I should do now? Many thanks, Lee
  3. Thank you for your reply Richard, I'll contact the Enquiries Officer.
  4. Hi Richard, I totally understand the Society's run by volunteers in your own free and spare time, I know from experience this isn't easy hence while I stepped down as Club Secretary from Farnham and District MDC... and I would like to say thank you and I appreciate everything that you and the Committee do for the Society. On separate note I placed an order for my seeds allocation on the 22nd August and they've yet to arrive, please could you let me and I guess another's know the length of time it takes to dispatch seed allocations. Please don't think that I complaining because I'm not, it would be nice to know. Kind regards Lee
  5. Leak test has been passed... now planted filled with 1.1 peat and perlite then about 1.5" from the top 1.1 peat and horticultural sand (that has past the fizz test..)
  6. Just alittle update for you all... I put my second sink in today, just waiting for it too pass the leak test hence the glass sheeted lid to reduce any possible rain or evaporation and the straps left under for lifting, If it passes then I'll get planting...
  7. Hi Guy, Its in Surrey, yes there were loads of them, quite alot of lizards also but yes that one was really dark and a few others were but there were some lighter coloured, that one just happened to be closest to me. If you want to know where exactly pm me and I'll let you know...
  8. Sorry guys, haven't really got the hang off uploading photos on here let's hope this works...
  9. Hi all, I went for a walk with my girlfriend onto my local common yesterday looking for Drosera rotundifolia. I was lucky enough to find them infact when I got my eye in they were everywhere! Also enjoyed finding the bog asphodel and bog heather, and the common lizards were out which also was a welcome sight. 20210822_114006.heic 20210822_113942.heic 20210822_122515.heic 20210822_122522.heic 20210822_122625.heic 20210822_130230.heic
  10. Evening all, Hopefully this is the right place to post this question? My question is has anyone used this seed supplier? any feedback would be much appreciated as I was thinking about order. Kind regards, Lee
  11. Thank you for getting back to me gardenofeden... I didn't realise that Drosera flowers only open for a couple of hours hence I'm at work all day it makes sense that I could be missing them unfortunately. Sounds like I'm lucky getting mine to throw out flower spikes and buds then, so I'm guessing I can't really complain then.
  12. Hi all, I have a Drosera madagascariensis which I purchased last year, she is fine and seems to be growing happily but this year the same as last year she puts out flower stems with buds but they fail to open! I get to see a glimpse of pink petals but the buds never seem to open! What am I doing wrong? She's in the greenhouse full sun, last year she was inside on a South facing window, I wondered if a repotting was needed as she is still in a 9cm round pot? Any ideas why I'm failing to get her to flower, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lee
  13. I don't see why not, I'm guessing as long as the weather not too hot like last week, I'm guessing everything should establish well, providing its all been hardened off against the sun. To be honest I'm a greenhorn in regards to keeping carnivorous plants, there's alot more knowledgeable and experienced people growing carnivorous plants on here compared to me. All I have done was work out a drainage system for a Belfast/Butler sink, that I thought I would share. The sink has been doing very well and coped with a few very heavy down pours very successfully. Hopefully this helps.
  14. I'm a Head Gardener on a 65 acre private estate, I returned to manage the estate last year (I was the Head Gardener there perviously for 6 years) prior to leaving for 4 years to work in a wall garden/private estate growing vegetables and cut flowers in the home of the former National Trust's Chairman. Prior to this I was a Gardens and Estate Supervisor running the Landscape Department at RHS Wisley for 10 years... I've always been interested in carnivorous plants, but have only started to grow them myself last year.
  15. As you most of your probably know we had alot of rain in Hampshire and surrounding areas yesterday... Well I just thought I would say that the my sink overflow worked fantastically, no issue with it flooding, pooling or filling up and overflowing.. I even bunged up the overflow with some foam to see what would happen and the back pressure from the rain popped it out.
  16. No worries pirks, hopefully it's of some use and help to you... watch the length of your snorke over flow section. Rather than lengthen mine I'm going to order a rubber bung from ebay bung it up in summer for a more saturated level in summer and unbung it in winter for a lower level in hindsight. It isn't drying out but the hot spell does evaporate quite abit!
  17. Argh miss out gluing in the second 90° elbow with the drainage snorke.
  18. All planted up now, let hope all goes well and I'll be adding some seed grown Drosera intermedia and either Pingicula grandiflora or vulgaris... either way the other Pingicula with be going in the second sink yet to start.
  19. The bottom was filled with about 3/4" course granite grit (well rised) with a fine mesh gauze over the plug hole! And then covered with a mypex membrane to stop the growing media mixing and blocking up my drainage layer. The bottom two 3rds of growing media is 50/50 moss peat to perlite then I topped up the last 3rd with about 50/50 moss peat to horticultural sand and emptied out a failed pinguicula Vulgaris seed pot on the surface also, now I will leave it to settle and wash through with the rain before planting up.... some decisions to make now.
  20. Waiting for the leak test to be signed off, currently cover with a large sheet of glass so the rain doesn't scupper my leak test...
  21. All the pipework glued in place with the upward drainage snorke glued into the elbow in place. Next digging a hole to partly set the sink into the ground.
  22. Second 90° elbow (for the return upwards) glued onto the straight pipe that will travel along the bottom of the sink.
  23. 90° elbow glued onto the threaded connection.
  24. First was ptfe taping on the 1 1/4" threaded connection so I can start gluing the pipe work. I did this bit before the photo was taken, but here I am holding another threaded connection which will be used on another sink.