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  1. Hello everyone im new in this forum and just being this forum member for few weeks i guess so i wanna germinate nepenthes seeds and thinking to provide them 100% humidity at first for better result. But at 100% humidity, fungi could thrive and harming seeds, i need to find way to fix this and come to my mind using trichoderma sp as bioagent agains harmfull fungi instead fungicide, i heard this fungi have mutualistic relation with plant by providing them protection agains fungal disease especially seeds, this fungus prey on other fungus without harming plants, could this fungi works for t
  2. Hello @Koen C. thanks for sharing this information, it’s precious im curious, you say they will not grow if it’s to acidic, i’ve heard dead part of spaghnum or dry spaghnum could acidify media especially peatmoss, but idk if live spaghnum could do you have any tips to keep ph neutral or slighty acid so seedlings still could growing on live spaghnum until their big enough to transplanted(around 4-5cm i guess) i won’t move them to other soil cus i didn’t know how to move them when they were to small . Ohh thanks btw
  3. Hello everyone im new in this forum and beginner at this hobby so i wanna germinate nepenthes truncata and wanna use media that allowed nepy seeds to grow but not algae, and come to my mind to using live spaghnum moss as media for nepy seeds cus it could prevent algae and mold to grow So, can live spaghnum moss be used for germinate nepenthes seeds? If yes what advantages and disadvantages using live spaghnum moss for seeds instead only dry spaghnum moss sorry i Just want to make sure, i have lost nepy seeds before cus algae, maxima and ampullaria, feels sad