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  1. @Tropfrog Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
  2. Here's how the plant looks today. Much healthier in terms of growth, but there's no fly-catching-stickiness!
  3. Can't wait. Especially as it's my wife's plant, so I'm going to get all the credit (for the rescue effort)!
  4. It seems the existing leaves aren't recovering, but there's much evidence of new growth. Good news. Thanks for the help, all.
  5. As I was flushing it through I notice what at first I thought was a stone closer inspection identified it as a slug. That slug is now gone. However what I've also noticed a lots of tiny green aphids. What to do!
  6. I'll have a look for pests, but as for the other list, I'm not sure. This plant was bought by my wifey, and the plant hasn't been moved on so it's in the soil it was supplied in. The window it's in faces northwest and is in the kitchen. I don't know at the moment how much she waters it. I guess we've had it for about two months. It would have been watered with tap water (hard water). I'll go for the standing in water you mentioned. We have a lean-to (translucent roof) I could put it in, but clearly that can get pretty hot during warm, sunny weather. I guess from your fix that thes
  7. As you can see from the pictures, this plant doesn't look too healthy. What do we need to do to rescue it? Does it just need a bigger pot (if so, what soil should we use)? Thanks in advance!