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  1. Hi Gaz, not sure which one I bought, it has not arrived yet and I am still getting used to the names, but yes I do want to fill my house with them but I dont think I have enough bright light spaces, one window sill is great but the others dont get enough sun so this window sill is going to be mega full. Problem is some of the plants come from different countries, are quite expensive and the shipping is a lot too. Thanks for your advice. Y.
  2. Hi Gary, sorry so long to reply but I am having problems negotiating around the site but getting the hang now. I have a venus fly trap, only a little one at the moment, a sarracenia and a sundew. The sundew has just flowered so I am quited excited about this. I have just ordered another venus fly trap which looks to have smaller stalks and another sarracenia which looks to be a different colour. When they come I will post exactly what they are. I just like any of the plants really but as a begginer I accept I am better to have some that are easier to grow. When should I think about repo
  3. Thank you Steve I can get deionised easier.
  4. Thank you, I will research these.
  5. I am so excited, I only started my collection of plants last week and my sundew has a lovely flower on it, it looks a little like a tiny freesia and I notice it goes in when the sun goes in. I didnt realise that these flowered. I cant wait to get some more plants. Anyone recommend what I may get after the venus fly trap, sundew and nepenthis please! Something pretty and that flowers. Is butterwort easy to grow. I love the pitcher plants that hang down but perhaps I am not yet versed enough in carniverous plants to have one of these.
  6. I have read several articles on carnivores and one said that deionised water is no good to use but another said it was. Can anyone clear this up for me please?!
  7. Just wanted to say hi, I am new to the forum and am looking forward to learning more about these lovely plants.